Do Madonna's kids think she's a bad mother?

It seems like she's still a teenager because of her very bold getups that nobody expected a 63-year-old would wear.

Not only is she making headlines for her risqué ensembles, but dishing out on her sex life and making boundary-pushing appearances are making her kids worry and feel mortified.

An insider spoke to OK! magazine and revealed that the "Vogue" hitmaker's six kids, including Lourdes Leon and Rocco Ritchie, have started feeling humiliated about their mom's antics.

"They can't understand why her behavior needs to be so hyper and gratuitous."

The insider went on to add that Madonna always looks for ways to "push the envelope," and her kids are worried about where and how this bizarre behavior is going to end.

Though they love and respect their mom, the kids reportedly "cringe to see her writing around naked and making a fool of herself."

Lourdes and Rocco, the two eldest, have reportedly struggled with their mom's attention-seeking behavior for years.

"Madonna thinks she's being hip and irreverent and still gets this huge kick out of shocking people, but it's reaching a boiling point."

Now, Madonna's children are reportedly planning to sit down with their mom and have a chat, forcing her to have a reset "before she winds up imploding and ruining her legacy."

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Madonna's Behavior Over the Years

When Madonna rose to fame in the 90s, she became more famous for her provocative persona. Nobody can also forget her controversial "Sex Book" and "Truth or Dare" documentary.

Her awkward appearance at "The Late Show With David Letterman" had also made headlines that made some people worry about her.

But thirty years later, Madonna seems to be still in her prime.

In her new concert documentary, "Madame X," Madonna dished out on her sexual escapades since dating backup dancer Ahlamalik Williams, as well as talking about masturbation on stage.

The "Like A Virgin" singer also confessed that her goal as a pop icon is to "disturb the peace."

In the September premiere of her documentary, Madonna raised many eyebrows when she showed up wearing a bustier look and an F-bomb crown. She also made some jaws drop while appearing on Jimmy Fallon's show, where she crawled on the host's desk and flashed the audience her rear.

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