Somebody call Nancy Drew... Taylor Swift has posted another mysterious "clue" on her Instagram account. Yesterday (Aug. 7), the "Red" singer posted a second number themed puzzle piece on her social media accounts, this time starring her new kitten, Olivia Benson.

Following her elevator clue with the floor number 18 on Monday (Aug. 4), Swift's new clue also boldly features a new number: this time 5:00.

In a screencap from Swift's iPhone, Olivia the cat can be seen sitting on a shelf, looking forlorn next to a Polaroid camera, some film and a New York City themed postcard that reads "To beautiful friends in a beautiful home."

Check out the second Swift clue below:

Like her first clue, this message probably indicates new news about Taylor Swift's fifth studio album... But what could this one mean? Is Olivia Benson a featured performer? Will the lead single include lyrics about photographs, memories or the Big Apple?

Swifties across the Internet think this clue simply could indicate that the anticipated Red follow-up is Swift's fifth album or that new music will drop some day at 5:00. Some are putting the two clues together (like any good detective would!) and are guessing that new music will drop on Aug. 18 at 5 p.m. or on another 18th day of the month...

Either way, it definitely seems like new music from Swift is just around the corner... Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Swift had teamed up again with "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" songwriter/producer Max Martin for "most of" her new music, signaling a poppy direction for the country rooted artist.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for more Swift clues! They're surely on the way.

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