• D' Sound 2019

    D’Sound: The Norwegian Act Tattooed on Our Minds

    D'Sound is a neo-soul quartet hailing from Oslo, Norway. With drummer Kim Ofstad, bassist Jonny Sjo, and lead vocalist Simone Eriksrud, later replaced by Mirjam Omdal, the band was a regular part of slow-listening playlists, especially in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
  • Panic! At The Disco

    Panic! at the Disco: Writing Sins Not Tragedies Since 2004

    Panic! at the Disco remains one of the most recognizable acts since they first broke through the mainstream music scene back in the late 2000s. First formed by childhood friends and now a solo project, a lot of changes have happened backstage but the name remains known to all.
  • Stevie Wonder

    5 Songs Written By Dads As Tribute For Their Kids

    A father and his child share a unique bond. No amount of hard and heavy work would keep these men from fawning over their little bundles of joy. Some fathers scream in joy. Some fathers, however, get so inspired that they immortalize their feelings in song. Here are some of the most successful songs that these father-musicians have written for their children.
  • Perfect

    5 Tearjerking Songs Inspired by Dads

    Fathers have always been the image of strength and reliability. They often had to meet expectations to provide for the family, know how to work around the house, and keep mom and the kids safe from harm. Despite being stoic and strict most of the time, they are human beings like the rest of us. Here are 5 tearjerking tracks inspired by dads.
  • N.W.A.

    N.W.A.: Gangsta Rap Pioneers Straight Outta Compton

    National outrage sparked protests across the country, with the hacktivist group Anonymous hacking Chicago police radios to play N.W.A's "F**k Tha Police." The gangsta rap song remains as relevant today as it was released back in 1988 and with it. Even though the group has long disbanded, their name still hovers over the subjects of police brutality and racial inequality.
  • David Bowie

    The Tale Goes On: 4 Songs And Their Sequels

    Some songs, like any other form of expression, is often used to deliver a story. And with the creative labor involved, plus the record label and airtime restrictions, not everyone can release lengthy narratives such as in Don Mclean's "American Pie," Green Day's "Jesus of Suburbia," or Bob Dylan's "Murder Most Foul." Here are four songs that shared a story and later spawned its own sequel.
  • Daft Punk

    Daft Punk: The Duo Was Human After All

    One of the most recognizable acts in the electronic music scene from the late 90s is Daft Punk. The larger-than-life android duo of French musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter has been defined by their fusion of electronic music and its branches, from house music to disco.
  • Jack and Meg of The White Stripes

    6 Pre-Fame Jobs of Your Favorite Music Icons

    Perhaps rock stars are actually made, not born. Even as they have realized that music is the path they will take, the world doesn't immediately grant them hit songs and best-selling albums. Before their music showered them with lots of greens, here are some of the musicians who worked day jobs while waiting for the right opportunity.
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