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'The Next 15' Brings Your Favorite Reality Stars Back to TV in February

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Have you ever wondered what happened to your favorite reality TV star once their time was up on that show you just couldn't get enough of? Well, wonder no more because reality show greats like, Laura Govan, Jennifer Williams, Tiffany Pollard, Benzino and others, who brought a lot of personality and a lot of drama to the small screen are making comeback with the new reality series 'The Next 15,' set to air in February on TV One.READ MORE

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'LHHA' Althea and Benzino Shopping First Baby Pic of to the Highest Bidder?

Off-Key 21:09PM EDT

The wait is over for the former Love and Hip Hop Atlanta couple, Althea Heart and Benzino, who recently gave birth to their newborn son. But, the wait for fans to see a first baby photo of the new bundle of joy is far from over as reports are stating, the couple are waiting to sell full photos of their son to the highest bidder - any publication willing to pay the most.READ MORE

Smooth Magazine's BET Awards After Party

'LHHA' Althea and Benzino Release Pregnancy Photos at 8 Months

Off-Key 19:03PM EDT

"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" stars Althea Heart and Benzino announced during the Summer that they were expecting. Now, only one month away from the expected delivery date in November, Althea "Thi Thi" is still looking great (and like she's ready to pop), in the pregnancy photos recently released through social media.READ MORE

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Pregnant Althea Eaton Joins 'Celebrity Marriage Boot Camp'

Off-Key 10:16AM EDT

A few months ago, Althea (Heart) Eaton posted baby news on her social media accounts only to quickly delete it, leaving us all to wonder what was up. This week, she and longtime love, Benzino confirmed that they are indeed expecting a baby boy in early November. Quite a turn of events for the couple that found themselves fired from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta after a reunion show altercation last fall, a move that ticked off many of the show's fans.READ MORE

Althea Eaton and Benino - Instagram

'LHH' Benzino and Althea Eaton Now Doing 'Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars'

Off-Key 09:03AM EDT

Althea Eaton recently told her Twitter followers not to feel bad because she and her man, Benzino, aren't appearing on the current season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and now we know why. It's certainly not because after being pummeled onstage by Joseline Hernandez during the last reunion show, Eaton decided that she has had enough of reality television. Instead the reason for her comfort is because another network is lining her pocket and she and Benzino will be back on the air soon via Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.READ MORE

Benzino and Althea Eaton - Instagram

Are 'LHHATL' Benzino and Althea Eaton Expecting a Baby?

Off-Key 11:52AM EDT

Althea Eaton's name has been in the press a bit lately, mainly because of the civil suit that she filed against former 'LHHATL' co-star Joseline Hernandez. Eaton was on the receiving end of Hernandez's flying fists at the last reunion show, and in a strange twist she and her man Benzino were fired rather than Hernandez. Zino and Eaton seem to have one of the most solid relationships ever to be seen in the 'LHH' franchise, and now rumor has it they are expecting a baby.READ MORE

Joseline Hernandez - Twitter

'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's' Joseline Hernandez Suspended from the Show for First Four Episodes Next Season

Off-Key 18:46PM EDT

Joseline Hernandez has served as a real lightening rod for trouble and the producers of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" seem to really love that about her. However, her behavior during the last reunion show was extreme, even for her. The entire cast sat on the stage all but begging VH1 to fire her after she and her equally messy man, Stevie J were both escorted from the premises by security. Many thought that she would be fired and while producers weren't about to let their biggest start slip through their fingers, she has had her wrist slapped.READ MORE

Stevie J - Twitter

'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's' Stevie J Has Been Ordered Into Rehab After Failing 10 Drug Tests

Off-Key 15:09PM EDT

One thing is for certain, if Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Joseline Hernandez isn't getting herself into trouble, then her common-law-husband Stevie J is. Back in June the producer was popped for owing over one million dollars in back child support and he was released on $25,000 bail. Rather than working to pay off his debt and aiming to keep his nose clean, Stevie J can't seem to stay on the straight and narrow path.READ MORE

Benzino and Althea Eaton - Instagram

Benzino Fired from 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' for Reportedly Making Death Threats Against Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez

Off-Key 10:46AM EDT

Fans of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" were surprised recently to learn that Benzino and his love, Althea Eaton, were handed their walking papers from VH1's hit show. The firing came after a reunion show taping that turned violent when the always iffy Joseline Hernandez went nuclear on Zino and punched Eaton before taking extra shots at a few other cast members as well. Eventually, Hernandez and her man Stevie J were escorted from the building and the rest of the cast continued on, mainly discussing what addicts the two are. At the time it looked likely that they would be fired, as everyone was in complete agreement about how crazy violent Hernandez had become. Instead, Benzino and Eaton were canned and it is reportedly his fault. According to a new report by TMZ, Stevie J went to the producers and claimed that Zino had started a smear campaign that ultimately turned into flat-out death threats against himself and Hernandez. Stevie J is insisting that it was those threats that actually got Zino and Eaton fired because they were far worse than Hernandez's messiness and violent tendencies. Zino has yet to clap back and comment, but it is coming because he does like to take his gripes with anything related to "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" straight to Twitter.READ MORE

Young Berg - Instagram

'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's' Young Berg Arrested for Reportedly Choking Girlfriend Masika Kalysha in Violent NYC Altercation

Off-Key 09:24AM EDT

"Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star Young Berg is waking up in a New York City jail cell this morning after an overnight altercation with his girlfriend turned extremely violent. Fans of the show know Berg has been linked to costar Masika Kalysha and, according to a photo posted on her Instagram showing a plane ticket to NYC, it looks like she is likely the victim of Berg's wrath. The violent altercation ultimately resulted in an "obstruction of breathing" charge. According to a TMZ report, Berg got into a fight with his girlfriend at the Gershwin Hotel and grabbed her by the neck. He then threw her on the floor, dragged her by her hair and finally hit her in the face. NYC police arrived on the scene to find Berg's girlfriend with obvious bruises, complaining of pain. She was taken to the hospital and Berg is currently in custody on that obstruction charge.READ MORE

Joseline Hernandez - Twitter

'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's' Joseline Hernandez Wanted by Police For Bloody Beat Down Of Althea Eaton at Reunion Taping

Off-Key 16:46PM EDT

The producers of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" may have decided to unfairly fire Benzino and Althea Eaton after a bloody brawl broke out during last summers reunion show, but law enforcement saw things much differently. Eaton filed a police report in NYC after being punched in the face by Joseline Hernandez, the cast member that nearly everyone has pegged as the instigator, and investigators agreed.READ MORE

Benzino and Althea Eaton - Twitter

'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's' Benzino and Althea Eaton Have Been Fired Instead of the Mega-Violent Joseline Hernandez

Off-Key 17:31PM EDT

Apparently the producers of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta are siding with the couple whose dysfunction and drama brings the viewers because just this afternoon both Benzino and his love, Althea Eaton were fired. This undoubtedly stems from the smack down that occurred on the recent reunion show between these two and Stevie J with his kinda sorta wife, Joseline Hernandez. One minute everyone was seated and the next, Hernandez was charging the stage at Eaton and it was downhill from there.READ MORE

Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta's Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez Evicted Or Moving Into New Digs For Spin-Off VH1 Show

Trending News 15:30PM EDT

Remember last weekend when there was an enormous U- haul truck parked outside of Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez's rented Atlanta dream home because the couple had allegedly been evicted? Well while Stevie J didn't exactly confirm that he couldn't handle the huge price tag of the house he did take to his Instagram to clue fans in to the fact that he was the one driving that U-Haul. In order to be 'moving on up' it usually means that the future is looking a whole lot brighter not broker though.READ MORE

Benzino Looks To Settle Past Beefs After Posting Controversial Open Letter To Stevie J And Joseline

Genres 22:13PM EDT

If Benzino and Stevie J can't let bygones be bygones, Zino is looking to hash out his beef elsewhere.READ MORE


Benzino Posts Open Letter On Instagram, Producer Calls Out Stevie J And Joseline's Rumored Drug Use

Genres 12:32PM EDT

Benzino has decided to air out his differences with Stevie J and Joseline in an open letter posted on Instagram. Read it here.READ MORE

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