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Dutch Study Suggests Art and Music Save Lives, Research in Favor of Expression

In a new study on past and present artists and musicians from the Netherlands, researchers suggest that the toll of creating art and music correlates with a longer and more fulfilling life.

The Black Keys Member Dan Auerbach did not actually give up Bob Dylan's hair in his divorce settlement

The Black Keys member Dan Auerbach recently divorced his wife Stephanie Gonis, and in August, TMZ reported that part of the settlement, beyond the $5 million, a car, and a house, Gonis was walking away with Bob Dylan's hair.

Why You Should See the Coen Brothers' 'Inside Llewyn Davis'

And for a movie based on the book of the life led by Dave Van Ronk, there's some fine acting in this film. Oscar Isaac's "Llewyn Davis" is often magical.

12 Days of Christmas: 9 Best Versions of 'Here Comes Santa Claus'

With nine days remaining until Christmas, it's time to prepare Santa Claus Lane for ol' Saint Nick and look at the best versions of "Here Comes Santa Claus." Originally written and recorded by Gene Autry in 1947, the song became an instant success ...

Bob Dylan and 'Rolling Stone' are getting sued for alleged racism

Bob Dylan began his career as a songwriter with a clear focus and voice supporting civil rights and equality, but that doesn't seem to change the way a Croatian community association feels about the artist after his interview with Rolling Stone for ...

Bob Dylan releases interactive video for 1965 classic 'Like A Rolling Stone' [WATCH]

Bob Dylan has officially released a music video for his 1965 hit "Like A Rolling Stone," considered by many to be one of the greatest songs ever written. It is an interactive piece that allows viewers to flip through 16 television channels while a ...

Bob Dylan 'Like a Rolling Stone' interactive music video coming

"Like a Rolling Stone" barreled into the music scene over four decades ago and only now will it be receiving its first official video. The video will premiere on Bob Dylan's website tomorrow, November 19th, in conjunction with the new 47-disc box ...

Bob Dylan receives Legion of Honor, France's highest cultural award

Bob Dylan received France's Legion of Honor, it's highest cultural award yesterday. The culture minister Aurelie Fillippetti praised the singer-songwriter for inspiring young people in a brief ceremony yesterday, the BBC reported.

Record Store Day's Black Friday edition features rare releases from Bob Dylan, The Doors and more

Record Store Day continues its biannual tradition this year with festivities on Black Friday, Nov. 29. In addition to its April celebration, the holiday expanded the past two years (and this year) to include another day to hunt for limited-edition ...

Paul McCartney Wants To Work With Thom Yorke But Is Afraid He Will Say 'No'

NME recently talked to Paul McCartney about modern day artists he would like to collaborate with. Among those he named was Thom Yorke. He revealed in the interview that he would be nervous to call up the Radiohead/Atoms for Peace frontman. Yes, ...

Government Shutdown Playlist [LISTEN]

If you haven’t heard by now, the government is shutting down starting today — the first time in 17 years. To lighten the mood, Music Times has created a playlist of songs about the government shutdown.

Bob Dylan and The Band's 'Basement Tapes' Possibly To Get Extended Release?

There are some bands/musicians who we will never everything from. Two examples are Bob Dylan and The Band. Dylan seems to be in a constant state of recording for all of the "lost tracks" that turn up, and The Band did their fair share of jamming. Few ...

The Greencards May Be Largely Australian, But they've Got Americana Down Pat on 'Sweetheart Of The Sun'

The Greencards is the calling card for Kym Warner and Carol Young, two Australian expats playing bluegrass and Americana in the United States. The group wraps more than just those two countries into its new album "Sweetheart of The Sun" however.

Bob Dylan Hair is Given to Black Keys Guitarist Dan Auerbach's Ex-Wife in Divorce Settlement

In the world of tabloid news and rock revival news, it's been all about the divorce between White Stripes guitarist Jack White and his wife, Karen Elson. During the coverage of that unfortunate happening, one bit that made news was the revelation of ...

Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury: Pairing Isn't Only One With Unreleased Recordings, How About Bob Dylan and The Beatles?

The eyes of pop music fans grew wide when it was announced this week that nearly six hours of recordings featuring both Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury would be released soon. NME provided a list of other big-name compilations that haven't seen ...

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