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Amy Grant

A Breath of Heaven: Revisiting Amy Grant's Music After Her Successful Heart Surgery

Exclusives 23:54PM EDT

As Amy Grant successfully corrected her medical condition; the world can keep on looking forward to her music. Here are some of the albums released by "The Queen of Christian Pop" to shed light in the middle of these trying times:READ MORE

Lecrae and Andy Mineo

4 Most Popular Christian Hip-Hop Artists Who Rap About Their Faith

Exclusives 20:57PM EDT

Get to know more of the hip-hop/rap artists, Lecrae, NF, KB & Andy Mineo dominating the Christian music community.READ MORE

Resurrection Letters: Prologue

Top 8 Christian Albums Under $5 Dollars

Exclusives 22:00PM EDT

Amazon's top featured Christian albums for LentREAD MORE

Where do America's Biggest Music Fans Live?

Genres 21:31PM EDT

The Vocativ Music Index looked at data from MusicMetric.com, which including BitTorrent illegal downloads and Twitter, and adjusted for market (city) size and several other factors, like how fast the average Internet speed was in any given town, to build a profile of 100 cities’ musical tastes.READ MORE

Hallelujah The Band

Christian Music in Pakistan

Genres 16:40PM EDT

Christian music isn't something commonly associated with Pakistan, but it's there and it's gaining a little ground each day.READ MORE

Lanae Hale - Back & Forth

Songs for the Storm

Genres 23:30PM EDT

If you are breathing, you can count on the storms of life coming no matter how closely you walk with Jesus. The key is to remember that after every storm, the sun rises again and the light of God's love never cease to shine upon you.READ MORE

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