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David Bowie

The Tale Goes On: 4 Songs And Their Sequels

Exclusives 11:30AM EDT

Some songs, like any other form of expression, is often used to deliver a story. And with the creative labor involved, plus the record label and airtime restrictions, not everyone can release lengthy narratives such as in Don Mclean's "American Pie," Green Day's "Jesus of Suburbia," or Bob Dylan's "Murder Most Foul." Here are four songs that shared a story and later spawned its own sequel.READ MORE

Keith Richards

Keith Richards Talks 'Crosseyed Heart' With Superfan Marc Maron on WTF Podcast

Buzz 12:43PM EDT

Keith Richards holds a special place in Marc Maron's heart for his lifestyle, his music and his attitude. The WTF podcaster had a chance to talk to 'The Rolling Stones' guitarist in an interview posted Monday that spanned his career in music from early influences to his new solo record 'Crosseyed Heart.'READ MORE

Johnny Cash

5 Songs You Didn't Know Violated Copyright: Johnny Cash, Radiohead and More

Buzz 17:08PM EDT

Music samples and their legality has been a hot-button issue in music news this year: First, Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams were forced to pay the estate of Marvin Gaye over similarities between their smash hit "Blurred Lines" and his "Got To Give It Up," and now Jay Z and Timbaland will head to court to establish whether they properly licensed an Egyptian music sample found on "Big Pimpin'." Although courts have seen more action from those whose copyrights have been infringed recently, it's hardly a new phenomenon. Here are five hits from years past that were busted for being a little too close to another song for comfort. It's important to note just little listeners today remember the lawsuits.READ MORE

John Lennon in 1966

John Lennon's New 'Rock 'n' Roll' Vinyl Faulty; Universal Offers Exchange

Buzz 09:48AM EDT

A number of John Lennon fans and vinyl collectors were irked recently when the copy of his solo album Rock 'N' Roll that was included in a box set was defective. Universal Records has announced intentions to replace all of the faulty copies.READ MORE

Chuck Berry, still doing the things he used to do.

60 Years of 'Maybellene': Chuck Berry's Hit in All Its Live Glory

Buzz 14:33PM EDT

Chuck Berry took to the studio in Chicago on this date 60 years ago to record his first single for Chess Records...a little number called "Maybellene." It was a hit, reaching no. 5 on the singles charts, but more importantly, it's often cited as the starting place for rock 'n' roll, more so than any other song. Berry may have been one of the first to break from the blues into rock 'n' roll but he took something from his guitar forbearers, mixing things up live and not being afraid to toy with the formula, even for one of his most famous songs. Music Times looked through Berry's catalogue and found five different versions of "Maybellene" that have been dropped on official live releases.READ MORE

Muddy Waters

5 Ways Muddy Waters Changed Music: Amplified Blues, Chuck Berry and More (A 100th Birthday Tribute)

Buzz 11:38AM EDT

Today marks what would've been the 100th birthday of blues legend McKinley "Muddy Waters" Morganfeld. Kind of. Still waters run deep, but Muddy Waters runs deeper. Here are 5 ways modern music would be different without the legend, from the amplification of the blues to the discovery of Chuck Berry.READ MORE

Joe Perry

Johnny Depp and Aerosmith's Joe Perry Team Up for Chuck Berry's 'Run Run Rudolph' [WATCH]

Buzz 20:14PM EDT

Joe Perry released a four-song EP of holiday tunes last week that feature guitar work by actor Johnny Depp, who's been known to jam with the pros from time to time. The Aerosmith guitarist dropped a video today (December 11) for his rendition of Chuck Berry's amped-up classic "Run Run Rudolph." Perry's axe work is awesome, as usually, but where's Steven Tyler when you need him?READ MORE

Chuck Berry

12 Song Titles That Feature Another Artist's Name: Chuck Berry, Led Zeppelin, And More

Genres 10:02AM EDT

When new bands are trying to think of what to call themselves, they'll often turn to song titles of bands they like for inspiration. However, these twelve artists did just the opposite: use another artist's name in a song title.READ MORE

Big Black -

8 Great Punk Covers of Classic Songs: Minor Threat, Big Black, and more

Exclusives 12:37PM EDT

If an artist does a cover version of a song, but doesn't really change anything about it, then there's not really a point in doing it at all (listen to Seal's version of "Let's Stay Together" and tell me why it had to be made). However, these eight bands took songs by non-punk bands and put their own noisy punk spin of them.READ MORE

The Supremes -

7 Compilation Albums Definitely Worth Owning: The Smiths, The Supremes, and more

Exclusives 10:32AM EDT

In the increasingly hip world of indie/alternative fans, compilations albums are almost blasphemous. Why would you buy Radiohead: The Best Of, when each Radiohead album is a masterwork? However, some artists are best appreciated when heard in the context of a well-constructed compilation album. Here are seven compilation albums that are definitely worth owning.READ MORE

R. Kelly

7 Musicians with Tax Problems: R. Kelly, Robin Thicke, and more

Exclusives 15:56PM EDT

Happy tax day! If you feel stressed out and miserable that you waited until the last minute to do your taxes (if that's the case, stop reading this and get back to your taxes), don't feel so bad; even the rich and famous are awful at paying the IRS. Here are seven musicians that have run into trouble with Uncle Sam.READ MORE

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