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David Bowie

9 Albums That Open With Instrumentals: Simon & Garfunkel, Modest Mouse And More

Last week I wrote about albums that end on instrumental tracks, which I described as sort of epilogues to the album's narrative structure. If ending an album on an instrumental is an epilogue, opening with one must be a prologue, a way to ease the ...

‘David Bowie Is’ Documentary Will Open In 100 Theaters In September, Exhibit Heads To Chicago

David Bowie Is, a documentary film directed by Hamish Hamilton about the “touring art exhibition” of the same name, will soon be released in over 100 theaters in the United States, Rolling Stone reports, beginning on September 23. The film ...

9 Songs To Celebrate The Anniversary Of The Moon Landing: David Bowie, The B-52's, and More

Today, July 20, marks the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, and to celebrate, here are nine awesome songs that are about outer space and space travel.

David Bowie Promises New Music To Be Released 'Soon'

David Bowie has confirmed work on new music that he says will be released "soon," NME reports. He issued a statement at a London charity event, which was held to celebrate 50 years of his music and raise money for the Terrance Higgins Trust.

11 Great Albums That Open With Their Longest Song: Black Sabbath, David Bowie, And More

When an artist writes a lengthy song for an album, they usually place it towards the end of the album, long after the listener has already settled in. However, these artists chose to place their album's longest song not only close to the beginning, ...

12 Classic Albums Produced By Musicians Outside The Band: Weezer, Beck, And More

Today marked the tragic passing of Ramones drummer Tommy Ramone, and along with being a founding member of one of the most influential bands in history, another one of his crowning achievements was his production of the Replacements' classic 1985 ...

21 Albums Known By Two (Or More) Different Names: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, And More

Though most albums are given official titles, sometimes these titled prove to inconvenient or confusing, which leads to fans referring to the album by another name entirely. Here are twenty-one albums known by at least two different names.

9 Album Titles That Reference Other Albums: Lily Allen, The Decemberists, And More

If you want your album title to catch someone's attention, one surefire technique you can try is referencing the title of a classic album, which might trick people into thinking your album is just as good. Here are nine album titles that are ...

12 Artists With Huge Gaps Between Albums: Guns N' Roses, The Eagles, And More

Back in the '60s, it was very common for a pop artist to release two, or even three, albums every year. In recent years, however, many artists take their sweet time recording, resulting in unusually long gaps between albums. Here are twelve artists ...

'Elephant Man' Broadway Revival Starring Bradley Cooper Delayed till November 7

Patricia Clarkson and Alessandro Nivola co-star in Bernard Pomerance's Tony-winning drama.

Glastonbury 2015, Based on Michael Eavis Hints: Paul McCartney, David Bowie and Eric Clapton All on Table

Glastonbury has just ended and of course founder and organizer Michael Eavis is already leading us on about who'll be playing next year. He dropped some hints at the annual Sunday morning press conference that allow us to limit the field down quite a ...

12 Song Titles That Feature Another Artist's Name: Chuck Berry, Led Zeppelin, And More

When new bands are trying to think of what to call themselves, they'll often turn to song titles of bands they like for inspiration. However, these twelve artists did just the opposite: use another artist's name in a song title.

10 Imagined Fragrances By Musicians: Prince, David Bowie, And More

One Direction's new fragrance "You & I" will be released this summer. Boybands have it pretty easy when it comes to trying to sell their fragrance. I mean, what teenybopper wouldn't want to smell like Harry Styles' dreamgirl? Musicians from other ...

8 Music Biopics We'd Love To See: David Bowie, Nick Drake, And More

With the recent news of biopics about N.W.A. and Aaliyah, I started thinking about some musicians whose lives I'd like to see dramatized in a film. Here are eight musical biopics that I'd love to see.

What Do Michael Jackson, David Bowie and Miles Davis Have in Common? They All Called Drummer Omar Hakim

You may not have heard of drummer Omar Hakim. But Daft Punk, David Bowie and Madonna have. Find out what they already know.

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