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Rick Allen of 'Def Leppard'

Rick Allen Almost Lost His Right Arm? 'Def Leppard' Drummer Recalls Recovery Process Following 1984 Accident

Buzz 19:51PM EDT

Rick Allen lost his arm after a devastating car crash in 1984, but he continued to play the drums for 'Def Leppard,' however, he recently revealed that he almost lost both arms after the accident; what happened?READ MORE

Santana's Self-titled 1969 Album

Look again: 4 classic album covers with a secret

Exclusives 05:24AM EDT

Some artists slip a message or a detail not directly available at first glance. Here are four classic album covers with hidden details you might find after looking again.READ MORE

Producer Dave Cobb and Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton 'Traveller' Vaults Atop Billboard 200 Over Eric Church, 'We Love Disney'

Buzz 14:07PM EDT

Chris Stapleton had the biggest night of his career on Wednesday (Nov. 4) when he swept the CMA Awards and gave a gripping performance of his single "Tennessee Whiskey" and "Drink You Away" along with Justin Timberlake. That massive night is now carrying over on the charts; Stapleton's debut album Traveller now tops the Billboard 200.READ MORE

American Phar-oh and American Phar-ah

5 Triple Crown Horses and Music to Match: Michael Jackson, U2 and More

Buzz 14:47PM EDT

Fans of horse racing finally got the Triple Crown they had been waiting 37 years for when American Pharoah won at Belmont this weekend, capping off a Spring that included wins at the Preakness Stakes and the Kentucky Derby. It was the first time a horse had won the "Big 3" since Affirmed during 1978, with the horse in question finally sealing the deal in the third race. We say "finally" because it's not as if attempts at the Triple Crown are rare—13 horses won the first two legs of the Crown in the years since 1978—however the lengthier Belmont course often wore down on the hopeful horses. Music Times doesn't know much about racing, but we wanted to pay tribute to the last five Triple Crown winners with a comparable musical act, including Michael Jackson, U2 and more.READ MORE

Madonna...the downfall of '80s America.

Ranking PMRC's 'Filthy 15': Madonna, Prince and More Get Dirty

Buzz 15:10PM EDT

Tipper Gore and a group of other (socially) conservative and influential women gathered 30 years ago to organize the PMRC (or Parents Music Research Center) after listening to the travesty that was Prince's "Darling Nikki." That organization has become the face of the censorship movement in the United States, ruining good album artwork and antagonizing Eminem, Marilyn Manson, Frank Zappa and others for three decades now. When it formed, the group issued a list titled the "Filthy 15," listing tracks that it considered especially repulsive. Music Times is ranking those first 15 songs in terms of potential for wrecking lives.READ MORE

Def Lep

Def Leppard, Styx and Tesla Announce Huge North American Summer Tour [FULL SCHEDULE]

Buzz 10:43AM EDT

What would summer be without some of rock's elder statesmen getting together and touring? This year the trio consists of Def Leppard, Styx and Tesla. There will be more than enough chances to catch the bands, as they will be on the road from June until October. The North American tour kicks off in Tampa, Florida, and will wrap 47 gigs later in Bismarck, North Dakota, "Billboard" noted.READ MORE

Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley's Unaired Folgers Coffee Commercial Surfaces, KISS Frontman Sings Sans Makeup [WATCH]

Buzz 19:48PM EDT

Remember that time when KISS frontman Paul Stanley was the face of Folgers Coffee (sans makeup)? It's okay if you don't because no one does. The singer appeared in a TV spot back in 2000, but it never aired. After watching the commercial, which recently surfaced on the Internet, it's easy to see why it never saw the light of day.READ MORE

The Black Keys - 'El Camino' (2011)

9 Rock Albums Whose Producers Co-Wrote The Music: Fun., The Black Keys, And More

Buzz 12:33PM EDT

In genres such as pop and hip-hop, it's pretty much standard for a producer to have an active role in the album's songwriting, especially if they're working with a solo artist, but this is pretty uncommon when working with rock bands, who tend to write their own material. These nine albums, however, feature extensive songwriting contributions from their producers, even though they were made by rock bands.READ MORE

Eddie Vedder

Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, Oasis's Liam Gallagher Among Guest Performers at The Who Tribute Concert [WATCH]

Buzz 17:11PM EDT

Last night, Nov. 11, rock legends The Who held their annual Teenage Cancer Trust benefit concert in London, featuring guest performances by Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder and former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher, among many others. According to "Rolling Stone," the evening was hosted by The Who frontman Roger Daltrey, though guitarist and lead songwriter Pete Townshend reportedly stayed home, with Daltrey saying the legendary guitarist would “rather do anything than hear his songs played back to him.” Liam Gallagher gave his first public performance since the break-up of his band Beady Eye three weeks ago, singing The Who’s 1965 hit “My Generation,” which he had frequently performed in concert with Oasis. Check out his performance here:READ MORE

Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel, Serj Tankian Contribute Songs to Gaza Benefit Album '2 Unite All'

Buzz 12:15PM EDT

Legendary singer-songwriter Peter Gabriel and System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian have never shied away from political statements in their music, so it should come as no surprise that both artists have contributed songes to a new benefit compilation album titled "2 Unite All," which goes toward funding humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza. According to radio.com, the album was produced by Project Peace on Earth and is currently available for purchase. "Helping to rebuild the lives of Palestinians in Gaza is a necessary and noble worldwide humanitarian prerogative that we must not shy away from," Tankian says about the album in a statement. "It's the least we can do for a people that have suffered under an occupation, embargo, and invasion." For the album, Tankian contributed a song titled "Spinning Mysteries at the Sacred Groove," which features Police drummer Stewart Copeland.READ MORE

'Sonic Boom' by KISS

6 Bands That Have Gone Exclusive with Walmart: Garth Brooks, KISS and...Bruce Springsteen?

Genres 14:13PM EDT

There's a lot of talk about "going corporate" in the music industry. If you leave Southern Lord and go to Epic, are you really corporate? This metal fan would argue no. There can be little doubt however that offering an album exclusively through Walmart or iTunes is as corporate as it gets. Check out a few other bands that have gone Walclusive, ranked from least to most surprising.READ MORE

One Direction

Concert industry lacking 'superstars' this summer, tour promoters worried

Genres 14:10PM EDT

Concert promoters aren't too optimistic about the 2014 Summer touring season, although their pessimism might be without merit. Sources for Rolling Stone's short feature on the subject cited one fact when making their worrisome claims: It'll be the first year since 2007 that U2, Madonna and The Rolling Stones will all be off the road. Last year's biggest touring earner, Bon Jovi, will also take a vacation during the summer.READ MORE

Kiss, Def Leppard team up for summer tour

Genres 10:21AM EDT

Rocks' biggest tour is coming this summer as Kiss and Def Leppard are joining forces.READ MORE

Chord thieves???

Is Def Leppard planning to sue One Direction over 'Midnight Memories' / 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' similarities?

Genres 13:46PM EDT

Rumor has it that Def Leppard funds the chord structure in 'Midnight Memories' to be a little too similar to that of 'Pour Some Sugar On Me.' Will a lawsuit come from it? READ MORE

Avenged Sevenfold Graduates from Metal to Heavy Metal (Finally) on 'Hail To The King' [REVIEW]

Reviews 16:27PM EDT

Avenged Sevenfold has awkwardly held a middle-ground between its old melodic thrash, and its new heavy metal approach. They finally commit, thankfully, on "Hail To The King." READ MORE

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