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Sam Smith and Demi Lovato Hints at a Collab on Twitter

Buzz 09:11AM EDT

Artists Sam Smith and Demi Lovato hint at a future collaboration after exchanging tweets on social media starting yesterday, April 12.READ MORE

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Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato donate equipment to medical first responders

Buzz 10:51AM EDT

"One and The Same" artists Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato support medical first responders with equipment against the coronavirus, in separate efforts, April 1.READ MORE

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Sir Elton John Hosts Star-Studded “Living Room” Concert for America

Buzz 02:48AM EDT

Pop music legend Sir Elton John, hosted a massive "living room concert" for coronavirus front liners, featuring multiple artists last night, March 29.READ MORE

Live Concert For Front Liners

Elton John to Host a Home Concert Live on TV To Support COVID-19 Frontliners

Buzz 10:55AM EDT

Elton John announced that he will host a concert in his home; but instead of live-streaming on social media, he will have his show broadcast live on television. The show will also feature performances from some big names in the music industry.READ MORE


Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato are Friends Again, Vanessa Hudgens Says Sorry About her Live Feed

Buzz 19:36PM EDT

Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato fixed their friendship after a long time of a dispute, and Vanessa Hudgens says sorry about the live feed that made her seem insensitive.READ MORE

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Selena Gomez Wears 'Keep The Faith' Shirt In Support Of Friend Demi Lovato

Buzz 23:24PM EDT

Selena Gomez made a subtle statement of support for her friend Demi Lovato following the young diva's recent overdose. Sources said that Gomez was very emotional when she heard the news.READ MORE

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Demi Lovato's Family Wants Her To Go Back To Rehab Following Overdose

Buzz 01:17AM EDT

Demi Lovato's family asked her to consider checking into rehab again after her recent heroin overdose. The singer is getting plenty of support from her family, friends, and ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama.READ MORE

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Watch: Fans Gather In Atlantic City Beach To Sing 'Sober' After Demi Lovato Overdose

Buzz 23:38PM EDT

Fans at Atlantic City Beach paid tribute to Demi Lovato as she recovers from an apparent overdose in a hospital in Los Angeles. At the Atlantic City Beach, Lovatics had an impromptu concert and sang 'Sober.'READ MORE

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Demi Lovato's 911 Call Released While Singer Recovers At Hospital

Buzz 00:02AM EDT

Demi Lovato's 911 call has just been released. The singer's assistant requested that the ambulance sirens be shut down to avoid commotion in the neighborhood.READ MORE


G-Eazy Addresses Dating Rumors Involving Demi Lovato

Buzz 07:11AM EDT

G-Eazy just denied that he and Demi Lovato are a couple. The 'Power' singer just split from Halsey this month after dating for a year.READ MORE

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G-Eazy, Demi Lovato Spotted Leaving LA Nightclub Holding Hands

Buzz 07:33AM EDT

G-Eazy and Demi Lovato are being linked to each other after they were allegedly spotted holding hands on their way out of a nightclub in Los Angeles. Both Lovato and G-Eazy are single at the moment.READ MORE

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Iggy Azalea Reveals Knowing About Demi Lovato’s Relapse: ‘As A Friend, You Worry’

Buzz 07:31AM EDT

Iggy Azalea admitted that she knew about Demi Lovato's relapse which the diva admitted through the song 'Sober.' The 'Kream' rapper said that she is very proud of her friend for being honest.READ MORE

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Demi Lovato Posts Cryptic Tweet: Is She Shading Her Life Coach?

Buzz 09:55AM EDT

Demi Lovato posted a tweet that fans assumed was taking aim at her former life coach Mike Bayer. The rumored feud happened a few weeks after the singer admitted that she has relapsed.READ MORE

Demi Lovato Sober

Demi Lovato ‘A New Person With A New Life’ In First ‘Sober’ Live Performance

Genres 08:53AM EDT

Demi Lovato performed 'Sober,' a song about her relapse, onstage at the Rock in Rio Lisbon festival in Portugal. On a tweet, the 25-year-old said that she feels like a new person after her courageous admission.READ MORE

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Demi Lovato Releases Lyric Video For ‘Sober’: Did She Have A Relapse?

Genres 07:22AM EDT

Demi Lovato has admitted that she has once again relapsed after six years of sobriety in the new track 'Sober.' Her friend Iggy Azalea has tweeted her support for the singer-songwriter.READ MORE

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