January 19, 2018 / 10:29 PM

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Marvel's Stan Lee Faces Accusations Of Sexual Misconduct, Denies Allegations

Stan Lee allegedly groped his nurses, walked around them naked, and demanded to be pleasured orally, according to a new report. The comic book creator issued a statement denying the sexual misconduct claims.

Marvel's 'The Inhumans' Cast Serinda Swan, Anson Mount Talks About Their Characters And More

The upcoming ABC TV series which will initially premiere on IMAX Theaters on Sept. 1 "The Inhumans" has a lot more in store for Marvel fans out there. The main cast Serinda Swan and Anson Mount gave out some details about their characters and more.

Poe Dameron of 'Force Awakens' Comic Book Series from Marvel's 'Star Wars' Announced

What happened before the opening scene of Star Wars: The Force Awakens when the resistance's best pilot ended up on Jakku for a special mission? Thanks to Marvel's Star Wars comic book series, we'll get to experience the mission of Poe Dameran, ...

Comics and Music: Eminem, Prince, KISS and More Make Guest Appearances with Superman, The Punisher and Others

Run The Jewels gets the honor of having its logo and album art inspire two covers for new issues of 'Howard The Duck' and 'Deadpool.' A few performers—including Eminem, Prince and KISS— have done even better than that, starring as heroes in their ...

Marvel Comics News: Run The Jewels Lend Artistic Influence to Upcoming Issues of 'Howard The Duck' and 'Deadpool'

Run The Jewels is far from the best-selling hip hop act from the last two years. Despite that fact, they're potentially the most culturally relevant at the moment, thanks not only to the critical acclaim that's been brought down upon its self-titled ...

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