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Jessie J Says 'The Boy Is Mine' Remake With Ariana Grande Isn't Happening After Fans Express Their Disapproval

After fans flooded the internet expressing their disapproval, Jessie J has come forward to say that the reported "The Boy Is Mine" remake with Ariana Grande isn't happening.

5 Mysterious/Unmarked Resting Places for Famous Musicians: From Mozart to Roy Orbison and Michael Jackson

Today involved a rather curious/mortifying news update for those who weren't previously aware that Frédéric Chopin's heart has been stored in a crystal jar full of alcohol, which itself is housed inside a pillar at the Holy Trinity Church in ...

5 Bizarre Celebrity Impostors: Michael Jackson, Peter Criss, Psy and More

Despite all the technology we have access to, criminals still manage to fool us into thinking that they're celebrity musicians. Check out a few of the most blatant examples.

Drake Has Michael Jackson Talent, According To Kentucky Basketball Coach

Drake is a big star. Like, really big. But Michael Jackson big?

Spotify and Halloween Music: Michael Jackson, Bobby "Boris" Pickett and 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Top Holiday Streams

SPSpotify's Insights blog, like any site that depends on music for its readership, went with a Halloween-themed feature as October came to a close. The site tracked more than 600,000 "Halloween" playlists that were created in the lead up to this ...

Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' Sung in 20 Different Styles Including Spice Girls, Busta Rhymes and Tom Waits [LISTEN]

A variety of scary artists like Ozzy Osbourne, Avenged Sevenfold, Busta Rhymes and Rob Zombie "stop by" in the latest "10 Second Songs" segment by Anthony Vincent to lend their voices to Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Vincent kicks off the clip doing ...

Michael Jackson Is Top-Earning Dead Celebrity of 2014, Tops List for Second Year in a Row

For the second year in a row, Michael Jackson tops Forbes's list of the Top-Earning Dead Celebrities. The King of Pop brought in $140 million in the past year, in no small part due to the release of his posthumous album "Xscape," which hit No. 2 on ...

Michael Jackson's Son, Prince, Reportedly Training With Floyd Mayweather As Father Rallies For Fight Against 50 Cent

Word on web is Michael Jackson's eldest son, Prince, is training with Floyd Mayweather. Reports of the two working on boxing skills comes after Mayweather's father rallied for a fight against 50 Cent.

'The Twilight Zone': Music Times Celebrates Rod Serling's Masterpiece with Michael Jackson, Rush, 2 Chainz and More

Music Times searches for songs inspired by 'The Twilight Zone' on the 55th anniversary of the classic sci-fi/horror program.

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" Music Video to Get 3-D Theatrical Re-Release, Video Game

Michael Jackson's famous "Thriller" music is going to get a little more thrilling in the New Year. The legendary, cinematic clip is getting a 3-D rework courtesy of the film's original director John Landis.

10 Songs With Spoken Word Guest Spots: Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, And More

When someone performs a guest spot on another artist's song, you can usually expect him or her to sing, or play an instrument, or even contribute a rap verse. However, these 10 songs feature guests performing spoken word contributions.

'Thriller' Producer Quincy Jones Told Michael Jackson He Was Weird

In a recent Q&A with The Guardian, legendary music producer Quincy Jones spoke about a variety of topics, some from his historic music career and some from history in general. Most interesting, Jones talked about working with the King of Pop, Michael ...

Director Mark Pellington Finally Speaks Out About 'Mangled' Nine Inch Nails Video

Pellington is best known for directing Pearl Jam's iconic "Jeremy" video, and Pellington has also directed projects for Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson and Public Enemy, among other artists.

30 Years of The VMA's: Music Times Fixes MTV's Errors from 1984 for Michael Jackson, The Police and Herbie Hancock

Music Times looks back at the major awards presented at the 1984 rendition of the VMA's and makes the revisions that history needs for closure.

Nick Jonas' "Jealous" and 9 Other Music Videos with Real Life Couples

Even if their love couldn't last forever, these music videos certainly will. Check out the nine most iconic real relationships depicted in music videos below:

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