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Adorable! Dave Grohl's Mom (L) and Geddy Lee's Mom!

Mothers of Dave Grohl and Rush's Geddy Lee Hang at Toronto Foo Fighters Show

Buzz 10:01AM EDT

"I wonder what their mothers think," is a frequent thought expressed by your correspondents mother when he listens to music that features eyebrow-raising language. It makes us wonder what mothers think when their children become huge rock stars. Some are clearly comfortable with the fact, as was evidenced this weekend when the moms of Dave Grohl and Geddy Lee hung out at a Foo Fighters show in Toronto.READ MORE

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Rush's Neil Peart Unsure About Anniversary Tour, Drummer Doesn't Want to Leave Daughter for Extended Period

Buzz 20:50PM EDT

Neil Peart isn't entirely enthused about the possibility of hitting the road with Rush for an anniversary tour. The main reason behind the drummer's apprehension is not wanting to leave his family. Peart explained his side of things in a recent interview with Prog magazine, citing his 5-year-old daughter, Olivia, as the main motivator for him wanting to stay home.READ MORE


Rush To Release 'R40' Box Set Of Concert Films For 40th Anniversary

Genres 10:47AM EDT

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of their debut album, Rolling Stone reports that Canadian prog trio Rush will be releasing a DVD box set titled R40, which compiles five of the band's previously released concert films along with a bonus disc of previously unreleased live footage, including a full concert from 1974 with original drummer John Rutsey. R40 will come on 10 DVDs, or 6 Blu-rays, and is set for release on Nov. 11th.READ MORE


7 Bands Whose Drummers Are Their Most Famous Member: Rush, The Roots, And More

Exclusives 17:35PM EDT

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about bassists who are the most famous members of their bands, something that doesn't happen very often. Though drummers tend to get more recognition than bassists, they're often stuck in the shadows behind the guitarist or singer. However, these seven bands break this trend by having drummers who end up being their most famous members.READ MORE

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5 Bands Who Hit Their Stride After Adding a New Member: Nirvana, Rush, and more

Exclusives 00:04AM EDT

Any musician can tell you about inexplicable musical chemistry. There are some people, who for one reason or another, just bring out the best in your playing and writing. Lennon and McCartney had this chemistry together, but some bands don't find this chemistry until after they've started making music. Here are five bands that hit their stride only after adding someone new to the line-up.READ MORE

Six Lead Vocalists Who Don't Write Their Own Lyrics: Ozzy Osbourne, Roger Daltrey, and more

Exclusives 15:47PM EDT

It's totally reasonable to assume that each member of a band writes his or her own parts: the guitarist writes the guitar parts, the bassist writes bass lines, and the vocalist writes the lyrics. However, there are some rare cases where someone in the band other than the vocalist writes the lyrics. Here are six examples of bands whose vocalists don't write their own lyrics.READ MORE

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