April 22, 2018 / 2:28 PM

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7 Bands Whose Drummers Are Their Most Famous Member: Rush, The Roots, And More


A few weeks ago I wrote an article about bassists who are the most famous members of their bands, something that doesn't happen very often. Though drummers tend to get more recognition than bassists, they're often stuck in the shadows behind the guitarist or singer. However, these seven bands break this trend by having drummers who end up being their most famous members.

1. Rush

When a drummer becomes a band's most famous member, it's usually because they also sing, or were previously famous, or have a wild life off stage. However, Neil Peart has become the most famous member of Rush simply out of his sheer talents as a drummer, and nothing more. He also writes the band's lyrics, but only Rush fans and music journalists really know that.

2. The Roots

The Roots were arguably the very first hip-hop band, playing instruments rather than using samplers and drum machines. The Roots were formed in 1987 by rapper Black Thought and drummer Questlove, and even though Black Thought is the voice of the band, Questlove's role as bandleader has made him the face of the Roots.

3. The Eagles

Though vocals duties for the Eagles were split pretty evenly in the band's early days, by 1976 drummer Don Henley was singing a majority of the songs, including its biggest hit, "Hotel California." After the Eagles' breakup in 1980, Henley would go on to have the most successful solo career of anyone in the band.

4. Genesis

Though Phil Collins is a tremendously talented drummer, his immense fame wasn't achieved through his drumming abilities, but rather through his singing abilities. It wasn't until Peter Gabriel left Genesis in 1974 that Collins stepped up as the band's lead vocalist, paving the way for his highly successful solo career. Though he didn't always play drums in concert, he admirably still recorded the drums for every Genesis album during his time with the band.

5. The Dead Weather

Unless he starts a band with Beyonce or Paul McCartney, Jack White is probably going to be the most famous member of any band he joins. The only reason most people even know about the Dead Weather (myself included) is because Jack White is the band's drummer.

6. The Black Keys

Though Dan Auerbach definitely has name recognition, with his solo music and production work (most recently with Lana Del Rey), Patrick Carney is still the most famous member of the Black Keys. It's not because he's particularly talented, or has any solo albums, or has produced anyone noteworthy, but because he absolutely cannot help himself when it comes to stirring up conflict in the press, with his wildly innovative criticisms directed at such beloved artists as Justin Bieber and Nickelback.

7. Kingsfoil

You're probably asking yourself, "Who the hell is Kingsfoil?" The answer to that is: I don't really know. The only thing I do know about them is that Frankie Muniz aka Malcolm in the Middle is the drummer. He's literally the only reason I know that Kingsfoil exists.

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