February 25, 2018 / 6:22 PM

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NFL Bans Players Wearing Dr. Dre's Beats on Camera after Bose Named Official Headset Brand

After naming Bose its official headset brand, the National Football League has banned all players from wearing Dr. Dre's Beats on camera during all NFL-related broadcasts.

NFL Bans Beats By Dre Thanks To 'Official' Bose Sponsorship

Beats headphones have become a staple of football broadcasts over the past few years. Several players don them during pre-game warm-ups to listen to their favorite tunes, and images like the one attached to this story are common.

Facebook Data For NFL Fans' Music Preferences Released; Indianapolis Colts Fans Love Nickelback

Facebook demographics are all the rage these days, especially when it comes to sports-related maps.

ESPN's Suspension of Bill Simmons for Calling Roger Goodell a Liar Actually a Stiffer Penalty Than What NFL's Ray Rice Originally Faced

Bill Simmons is thought to be one of the most respected and influential men in ESPN's coverage of sports.

Hope Solo Allowed To Continue Playing On U.S. Women's Soccer Team While Awaiting Trial For Domestic Charges As NFL Has Deactivated Male Players For The Same Reason

Last June, Hope Solo was involved in a physical altercation with both her sister and her 17-year old nephew at a party in Washington state. The soccer goalkeeper was charged with 2 counts of domestic violence to which she plead not guilty. A trial is ...

Minnesota Vikings Co-Owner's Son Entered Pretrial Program After Assaulting His Wife Last Year

Is anyone really surprised to learn that domestic violence chargers exist even behind the scenes in the NFL? Probably not. Just last year the Minnesota Vikings had another issue to try and keep under wraps. The teams' co-owner is David Mandelbaum, a ...

Roger Goodell Admits That He Screwed Up As NFL's Commissioner During Press Conference That Even His Own Players Are Shredding

Believe it or not, the NFL's new season is only three weeks in and already the organization has grabbed at least a year's worth of negative publicity — maybe more. At first the commissioner, Roger Goodell was once standing behind the NFL and how it ...

NFL Benches Minnesota Vikings Star Player Adrian Peterson In Response To Backlash From Fans and Advertisers

Another day, another major decision on the part of the NFL to help save face in a PR scandal that is beginning to cost the organization both fans and advertisers. Minnesota Vikings star player Adrian Peterson was suspended from playing last weekend ...

Greg Hardy Deactivated By Carolina Panthers Due To Domestic Violence Conviction As NFL Tries To Repair Image Under Commissioner Roger Goodell's Orders

Has the NFL finally woken up and decided that violence of any nature committed by their players looks really bad on the part of the organization and it shouldn't be tolerated? Today, after surviving one of the worst weeks in the history of the NFL, ...

Anti-NFL Social Media Campaign Takes Off Thanks To Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson And Roger Goodell Scandal

Oh what a difference one week can make. Last weekend the NFL was anticipating a great season and instead this week turned into one of the worst in the organization's history- and not because of anything that has transpired on the field. The week ...

32 NFL Team Owners Prepared To Fire Commissioner Roger Goodell If He Purposely Lied About Ray Rice's Violent Videotape

What began as an incident of domestic violence between former Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice and his wife, Janay Palmer has quickly turned into a full blown scandal that is rocking the entire NFL. When the elevator surveillance tape of Rice ...

Report Indicates NFL Had Ray Rice Video In April, Backlash Against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

It's amazing the difference just 24 hours can make. This time yesterday news outlets and NFL fans alike were debating whether or not commissioner Roger Goodell had finally taken the right action by suspending Ray Rice indefinitely from the NFL. Now ...

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Is Under Fire After Releasing Ray Rice From Baltimore Ravens Contract And Suspending Him From NFL League

Just hours after damning videotape surfaced on Monday showing Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his wife, Janay Palmer in the side of the face, the NFL had no choice but to take swift action. The Ravens released Rice from his 5-year ...

NFL Sunday: Diddy Says He'll Be The First African American Majority Owner Of An NFL Team

As if owning his on television network wasn't boss enough, Diddy revealed his dream of owning an NFL team.

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