Revelers participate in the annual New York City Halloween Parade on October 31, 2013 in New York City. The parade came back in force this year, after being cancelled last year due to Superstorm Sandy and losing approximately $50,000. Organizers used the

WATCH 2015 NYC Halloween Parade Live from the Village Free Online Stream [VIDEO]

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Happy Halloween! How are you and your loved ones celebrating the exciting holiday in 2015? If you're a native New Yorker, you might be headed out to the popular Village Halloween Parade this evening to check out the costumes of, well, just about anything! The wild festivitied of the 42nd Annual Halloween Parade in the Big Apple isn't just for those living in New York, though, because you can watch free online live streams of the party, too! Check out some links and an embedded video below.READ MORE

Wreckage from Bob Simon fatal crash - Getty Images

Legendary '60 Minutes' Correspondent Bob Simon Dead After Car Crash in NYC

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What a crushing week for those working in journalism. Brian Williams seems to have an embellishment problem, Jon Stewart is "restless" and things at "The View" are so bad that even Barbara Walters will not return as a guest host. All that stuff seemed difficult until CBS was dealt a horrible blow last night, Feb. 11, when the car carrying legendary "60 Minutes" correspondent and industry icon Bob Simon careened out of control on the West Side Highway, resulting in a car crash so bad that Simon and the driver had to be cut out of the flattened vehicle. Unfortunately, Simon was pronounced dead at Roosevelt Hospital.READ MORE

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'LHHA' Joseline Hernandez Defends Stevie J to Onlookers During Million-Dollar Court Date

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"LHHA's" Stevie J is pretty hungry for fame and notoriety, and in New York City he has accomplished it for sure because he is currently listed as one of the state's biggest dead-beat fathers. He currently is accused of owing more than $1.1 million in back child support payments. On Tuesday, Feb. 10, Stevie and his hotheaded wife Joseline Hernandez rolled in to federal court so he could enter a not-guilty plea in the case and, of course, they clashed with onlookers. Hernandez defended Stevie during their million-dollar court date.READ MORE

Police gather for 2nd NYPD Officer's Funeral

NYPD Officer's Turn Their Backs as Mayor De Blasio Eulogizes Officer Wenjian Liu

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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is going to have a real uphill battle in regaining the trust and respect of the NYPD. Tensions between officers and City Hall appear to be at an all-time high in terms of strain and while there have been calls for civility towards the mayor, it seems the NYPD is still too angry to be anything more than disrespectful. On Sunday morning, the second officer assassinated while eating lunch in his patrol car in Brooklyn a few weeks ago was finally laid to rest but not without officers turning their backs, yet again, on the Mayor.READ MORE

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Did 'Today's' Matt Lauer Recently Walk Out on His Wife and Kids?

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No other news reader seems to be dogged with rumors quite like "Today's" Matt Lauer. His 16-year marriage to Annette Roque has been plagued with rumors of Lauer's continued skirt-chasing and her instability. As it stands now, the couple are parents to three children and are rarely seen out in public together. In fact, there is speculation that Lauer and his wife split for a while this past summer after new allegations of an affair were made. According to a report by Radar Online, Roque and her children spent the summer in the Hamptons, and even though NBC gave Lauer access to a helicopter to get back into the city faster for work, he instead chose to reside in the couple's New York City apartment. At that same point in time, Lauer was allegedly spotted out and about with a woman who was not Roque. Supposedly, the couple took a short break and then Lauer begged to come home for the sake of their kids. Of course, sources close to the morning show anchor claim that his reasons for living alone in the city were completely work-related.READ MORE

Prince George - Twitter

Kate Middleton and Prince William Give Us an Early Christmas Gift: New Photos of Prince George

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Part of the appeal of Kate Middleton and Prince William seems to be the fact that the media and fans alike seem to believe them when they say they just want a normal life. Statements like that are not directly followed by weird, two-block walks with Prince George meant for the paparazzi to get a couple photos to leak. Instead, they work when they have to and steer clear of the spotlight the rest of the time. Prince George tends to be off limits and even if a member of the press could grab a shot of him it seems unlikely it would be sold out of respect for the royals. It is because of that that Middleton and William have released a few new photos of their son. The shots were reportedly taken by "a member of the household staff" on the stairs on Kensington Palace. The last time we saw Prince George was for his birthday in July, and boy has he grown. No longer a baby, George is a toddler on the go. Perhaps the best part of the new photos is the fact that they capture his personality. You can tell that this kid is a fun handful and he must be giving his pregnant mom a real run for it. What are your thoughts on the way Middleton and William have opted to shield their son from the press? He is only a few weeks younger than North West, so just think of how many times she has been carted to inappropriate events — like NYFW — as the perfect accessory to whatever Kim Kardashian is wearing. Her daughter has been photographed like crazy, but have we ever actually seen North West smile in any of those shots? It looks like Prince George is the happier kid, don't you think?READ MORE

Kim Kardashian - Twitter

Kanye West Flees to Paris After a Few Rocky Days in NYC with Kim Kardashian

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It does not take much to see that the marriage of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is already under ridiculous strain. The couple spent nearly a month apart and were even an ocean apart for the Thanksgiving holiday. West's being photographed in Paris rather than celebrating with his family led to all sorts of speculation that things are not good between them. Now we are learning that the rapper did reunite briefly with his wife before fleeing the country again. According to a report by Radar Online, Kardashian and West spent a few rocky days in New York City this past week before he left for Paris. Sources close to the couple say they have hit an incredibly rough patch, and many things are dividing them. Kardashian reportedly feels like their marriage is just a business arrangement and that West puts his new family way down on the list of priorities. Their living situation has also turned into a major bone of contention, as Kardashian has been living at her mother Kris Jenner's house for nearly two years now. Not only does the couple not have a home of their own, but West reportedly has every intention of making Paris his permanent residence next year, and little North West will be going with him. Kardashian is adamant about remaining in Los Angeles and keeping their baby with her.READ MORE

Jeanine Pirro - Getty Images

Jeanine Pirro of Fox News Claims that 'Minority Communities' Need to Be More Sensitive Toward the Police

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Fox News often finds itself under fire for the stance that the network appears to take on hot-button issues, and right now nothing is more volatile than the tension between police and their handling of the black community. Last night, Jeanine Pirro decided to ask for viewer feedback on whether or not police should be more careful in the way they deal with incidences occurring in black communities and the response was quite unified. In between people stating the obvious — that if you are not breaking the law then you are less likely to find yourself tangled in any sort of altercation — there was also the thinking that communities need to be more mindful of the police. Pirro backed up that notion and, interestingly enough, it Is a sentiment that even New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has echoed. Basically, the thinking is that there is a rift, and in order to fix it both sides need to take steps toward meeting in the middle. He also admitted last week, shortly after it was announced that NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo would not be indicted in the chokehold death of Eric Garner, that his own biracial son has been directed on how to carry himself if he should be stopped by a police officer.READ MORE

Peaceful Protesters - Getty Images

Peaceful Protest Over Eric Garner's Chokehold Death Turns Violent in California

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Thousands of protestors met up in big cities across the country yesterday for a fourth day of making their displeasure with law enforcement in NYC and Ferguson, Missouri known. Nearly two weeks ago Darren Wilson walked away indictment-free in the Ferguson shooting death of Michael Brown. This past weeks' decision of a grand jury not to indict Daniel Pantaleo in the Staten Island chokehold death of Eric Garner took things to a completely different level. After the video of Garner's saying that he couldn't breath moments before dying hit the internet most people expect some charges to stick to Pantaleo. When they didn't it prompted people that normally don't get involved to speak up and rally for change. The majority of the protests have been peaceful with the exception of one in California last night.READ MORE

Prince William, Kate Middleton - Getty Images

Kate Middleton and Prince William Visiting New York City This Weekend!

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For the first time ever, Kate Middleton and Prince William will be visiting NYC and the timing probably couldn't be worse for them. Aside from the duchess still occasionally battling bouts of the morning sickness that kept her completely away from any royal engagements for nearly eight weeks, the city is super busy at Christmas time. Then there are the daily protests over the Eric Garner case that have snarled traffic on a nightly basis all week and well, travel could be tricky, even for royalty!READ MORE

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Peaceful Protests Erupt All Over NYC After the Grand Jury Decides Not to Indict Daniel Pantaleo in Eric Garner Chokehold Death Case

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Almost immediately after it was announced yesterday that NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo would not be indicted for the chokehold death of Eric Garner in July on a Staten Island street, the backlash and disbelief began. If you tuned in to any of the news stations, then what you saw was inevitably heated debates between journalists and legal analysts over whether or not an indictment for any charge at all seemed like a no-brainer. Then last night, the peaceful protests began. Smaller groups in Harlem and Staten Island and at Grand Central Terminal were later followed by a march 5,000 people strong down Broadway through Times Square. Protesters are still rallying for some type of justice for Garner, who, just minutes before his death, broke up a fight between a few other people and then found himself surrounded by NYPD. A video of the entire altercation was caught on a cellphone and Garner's hands were clearly up as he backed away from officers who were determined to arrest him for selling loose cigarettes — a summary offense. Pantaleo wrestled Garner to the ground in what appeared to be a type of chokehold, something that has been banned by the NYPD. Even as Garner expressed his inability to breathe and another officer directed Pantaleo to release him, he continued the maneuver until Garner eventually died on that sidewalk. Ironically enough, after it was announced that the grand jury would not be charging Pantaleo with a single crime, he issued an apology to Garner's family, something his widow, Esaw Garner refused to accept.READ MORE

CBS - Getty Images

CBS Ready to Go Dark on Dish Network This Thursday if Carriage Deal Isn't Reached

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As many as 14 million Dish Network subscribers could find themselves without access to CBS's programming if a new contract isn't in place by 7pm on Thursday. The network claims to have worked hard with Dish Network to reach a new agreement for carriage and at this point, they'd rather go dark than stay stuck in the limbo that they are currently sitting in. CBS officially issued a statement today explaining their perspective.READ MORE

Ray Rice - Instagram

Ray Rice Hit the Clubs in NYC to Celebrate Having His NFL Suspension Lifted

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Last Friday, Nov. 28, Ray Rice's suspension from the NFL was lifted on an appeal, and apparently he was in the mood to celebrate. Rice was spotted hitting up Bounce Sporting Club in New York City late Saturday night. The fallen NFL star stayed chatting and chilling with fans until the wee hours of Sunday morning. According to a TMZ report, security attempted to keep the fans from bothering Rice, but he was loving the attention. Rumor has it his wife Janay Rice was also with him, but that has yet to be confirmed. We can tell you with certainty that Janay's interview with "Today's" Matt Lauer these past two days has been seen in part by nearly everyone. This morning's installment included Ray taking part in the interview while standing at a kitchen counter with Janay and her parents. He, of course, apologized for knocking his wife out last February in Atlantic City after a night of hard partying. He believes that therapy has really helped him and claims he is ready to sacrifice whatever is necessary to take care of his wife.READ MORE

Masika Tucker, Yung Berg, etc. - Instagram

'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's' Masika Tucker Confirms That She is Still Dating Yung Berg

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Can you believe it has been almost a month since a fight between Masika Tucker and Yung Berg got way out of control after the taping of the "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" reunion show in New York City? Tucker called the police after Berg allegedly choked her out and beat her up but that doesn't mean that their relationship is over. In fact, they both have posted visual proof on Instagram that shows that they are still very much together.READ MORE

Kate Middleton - Getty Images

Kate Middleton Is Struggling to Keep Pregnancy Weight on While Working Again

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Kate Middleton stepped out in Norwich, England, today in support of East Anglia's Hospices' Norfolk Capital Appeal, and once again she raised eyebrows with a bright red dress and a teased ponytail. We recently told you that Middleton has been attempting to sex up her style just a little bit by making purposefully different choices every time she walks out the door. Middleton's plan has definitely been working, as no one would accuse her of looking the least bit dowdy. She also is not looking very pregnant either, and it is starting to concern those around her. Middleton is approximately 18 weeks pregnant, and as you can see from today's photos, she barely has any baby bump. Obviously, her extended battle with morning sickness has likely prevented the duchess from gaining weight consistently this time around — at least so far. Middleton was relatively small when she delivered Prince George in July 2013, so she may not be the kind of woman who will put on a lot of pregnancy pounds. This time around is different, though, because she is also chasing after George, something that is not an easy task when she is already feeling rundown and drained.READ MORE

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