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Phil Collins of 'Genesis'

Goodbye 'Genesis'? Phil Collins Hints Possible Band Retirement

Buzz 20:08PM EDT

Due to Phil Collins' health condition, he and the rest of his band could possibly retire soon after their current reunion tour.READ MORE

Phil Collins of 'Genesis'

'Frail' Phil Collins Appears To Be Seated Throughout 'Genesis' Farewell Tour's First Show

Buzz 21:51PM EDT

'Genesis' first show for their farewell tour began and frontman Phil Collins appears to be seated throughout his performance.READ MORE


'Genesis' To Retire From Performing After 54 Years? Phil Collins Shares Shocking Revelation

Buzz 08:55AM EDT

Phil Collins of the popular English band 'Genesis,' recently revealed that their reunion tour would be the last time they will get together as a band.READ MORE

Phil Collins No Longer Able To Hold Drumsticks Due To Shocking Health Diagnosis, Genesis Band Member Drops Out of Tour?

Phil Collins Can't Play Drums Anymore Due To Shocking Health Diagnosis, Guess Who's Replacing Him!

Buzz 21:28PM EDT

Genesis' 70-year-old drummer, Phil Collins, revealed in a rare interview that he could no longer play the drums due to his health issues.READ MORE

Phil Collins'

Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" Soared Charts with the Help of Viral Reaction Video

Buzz 02:41AM EDT

Phil Collins' 1981 debut single "In the Air Tonight" surged to the second spot on iTunes hanks to a viral reaction video.READ MORE

Phil Collins attends the green carpet arrivals for the Stuttgart Premiere of the musical 'Tarzan' at Stage Apollo Theater on Nov. 21, 2013

Phil Collins Calls Adele 'A Ghost', Talks About Scrapped '25' Collaboration in New Interview

Buzz 10:06AM EDT

It was the collaboration that might’ve been a smash success, but didn’t happen. Phil Collins and Adele were reportedly supposed to collaborate on her monstrously successful new album 25, but it fell through in the end. In a new interview, Collins addressed the collaboration that never was as well as his struggles with alcoholism.READ MORE

Phil Collins, Getty Images

Phil Collins Musical Comeback: Yay or Nay? Which Petition Will You Sign?

Buzz 18:55PM EDT

Shortly after undergoing major back surgery, Phil Collins announced his certain return to the music world, with most fans rejoicing. However, now a petition has been launched against his musical comeback, demanding “Phil Collins must be stopped.” In response, you can also sign a newly-launched petition in support of the singer/songwriter's return.READ MORE

Phil Collins, Getty Images

Phil Collins is Planning a Comeback, May Reunite Genesis with Peter Gabriel

Buzz 12:00PM EDT

Just five days after undergoing major back surgery, Phil Collins has revealed that he will soon be coming out of retirement and is planning an unexpected comeback, which may include reuniting the Peter Gabriel era of his band Genesis.READ MORE

Christian Bales parties hard in 'American Psycho.'

'American Psycho' Joins 'Fight Club,' More in Broadway Adaptation

Buzz 10:05AM EDT

Another film will join the run of musicals based on blockbusters to hit Broadway soon, as 'American Psycho' has been confirmed as the latest adaptation to hit the Great White Way soon. The cult classic film, based on the novel by Brett Easton Ellis, focuses on Patrick Bateman, a wealthy Manhattanite who revels in bizarre and grotesque murder sequences.READ MORE

Floyd Mayweather

Music Times Floyd Mayweather Playlist: Lil Wayne, Phil Collins and More

Buzz 16:31PM EDT

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will face off this weekend for what many boxing fans are calling the "fight of the century." Regardless of how great the sparring actually is, it will certainly feature the highest payout in the sport's history, with the two fighters sharing up to $300 million between them. Music Times might not be a sports outlet but we wanted to get in on the action by creating playlists for each of the contestants involved. Here are five tracks to get Floyd Mayweather pumped, ranging from Lil Wayne to Phil Collins.READ MORE

50 Cent

Billboard Hot 100 vs. Official Charts Company by Decade: Madonna, 50 Cent, Mark Ronson and 40 Years of No. 1s

Buzz 14:59PM EDT

Few people realize just how different the music across the pond is from that we listen to in America, that the Hot 100 doesn't exist in the UK, and that its equivalent to our singles chart doesn't just feature a whole bunch of American artists with even more One Direction and Ellie Goulding tracks. Music Times is looking back at the last five decades of music, and at the no. 1 hits on April 2 every ten years on the spot, going back to 1975. The ultimate contest, of course, is which country has better taste. Last month the win went to the UK in the best-of-five showdown. This month features Madonna, 50 Cent, Mark Ronson and more in the field.READ MORE


Adele's New Album May Not Be Out Until the Second Half 2015: Singer Reportedly Taking Her Time with '21' Follow-Up

Buzz 12:47PM EDT

The follow-up to Adele's 2011 masterpiece, 21, will be the most important album of the young singer's career when it's released. Fans are anxiously waiting to see how the British songstress will follow hits like "Rumor Has It" and "Someone Like You." According to sources close to the artist, the third album will either be out toward the end of 2015 or sometime after. Adele is taking her time with the new effort.READ MORE

Nathan East: Ready for the limelight.

Nathan East—Godsend for Eric Clapton, Phil Collins and Daft Punk—Finally Plays Bass for Himself in 2014 with Solo Album, Documentary

Buzz 08:00AM EDT

Nathan East has filled many roles over the years. Bassist for Eric Clapton. Bassist for Phil Collins. Bassist for Michael Jackson. Bassist for Beyoncé. Bassist for Daft Punk. He found a new gig during 2014: bassist for himself. A new documentary tracks the recording of the Grammy-nominated album and offers a look into one of the industry's most popular musicians.READ MORE

Phil Collins

Robert Plant Praises Phil Collins for Encouraging His Solo Career After Led Zeppelin's Split

Buzz 16:46PM EDT

Robert Plant recently revealed that after John Bonham's death and Led Zeppelin's split, there was one musician who really helped jumpstart his solo career. Genesis drummer/singer Phil Collins gave the vocalist some much-needed encouragement to break out as a solo act. Plant has now been recording music as a solo artist for more than three decades and he has been quite successful. After Zeppelin disbanded, Plant did not know how to start over, but other musicians were ready to play with the popular singer, Blabbermouth notes. "I made my business to go out and start again at the age of 32 — it's, like, hysterical, really, when you think about it now," he said. "But I worked and worked with these guys — Robbie Blunt, who was a particularly fine guitarist. And I was graced by my first two solo records 'Pictures at Eleven' and 'The Principle of Moments.' A drummer contacted me and said, 'I love Bonham so much I wanna sit behind you when you sing. It was Phil Collins. His career was just kicking in and he was the most spirited and positive and really encouraging force, because you can't imagine what it was like, me trying to carve my own way after all that."READ MORE

John Lydon

Sex Pistols' John Lydon: Simon Cowell is 'Our Worst Enemy' and Band Aid is 'Open to Corruption'

Buzz 16:04PM EDT

Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten, aka John Lydon, might be the perfect candidate to express disgust with anything in the current music landscape. The snarling "Anarchy in the U.K." singer spoke to a crowd at Oxford University Monday (Dec. 8) about his disdain for Simon Cowell and Band Aid, NME notes. It was entertaining, to say the least.READ MORE

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