January 20, 2018 / 5:42 PM

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1994 Fox Drama ‘Party Of Five’ Is Getting A Reboot, But With A Very Timely Twist

Freeform just gave 'Party of Five' a pilot order. This means that the first episode for the reboot will go into production soon, but it still unclear if the series will officially be picked up for an entire season.

'Once Upon A Time' Gets Soft Reboot; Grown Up Henry's Quest Derailed After Meeting Cinderella

An adult Henry goes into a quest for his own story in the "Once Upon a Time" Season 7 premiere where he meets a troubled Cinderella.

'Once Upon A Time' Soft Reboot: Emma Swan Reunites With Hook & Finds Closure in Their Story

Emma Swan makes what the show is calling an "emotional curtain call" when "Once Upon a Time" returns.

'Once Upon A Time' Characters Face Biggest Challenge Yet; Hook Searches for Something Missing

The remaining "Once Upon a Time" characters will have new identities, face a new curse and live in a new city when the show returns in the fall.

NBC Is Considering Bringing Back the Original 'Law & Order' for a Limited Run

Ever since Fox successfully brought back 24 last year for a limited run it seems like everyone is dipping into their history to see what great old show can also be revived. The network is supposedly seriously working now to bring back the cult ...

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, Now Romantically Linked, Are Ready for Fox's Rebooted Version of 'The X-Files'

It looks like die-hard fans of the iconic 1990s supernatural show "The X-Files" could be coming much closer to getting their fondest wish: a reboot of the popular hit. For years it was something that fans campaigned for, and while other parties kind ...

A Rebooted 'America's Best Dance Crew' Will Return More Than 2 Years After Being Canceled by MTV

Remember when prime time television was loaded with dance competitions? Some thought there was not enough room for "Dancing with the Stars," "So You Think You Can Dance" and also "America's Best Dance Crew," so the latter was canceled more than two ...

David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks' Returning For A Limited Run On Showtime 25 Years After Cliffhanger Series Finale

For the longest time Twin Peaks creator David Lynch insisted that the door was shut and bolted on the cult classic that to this day, sparks online debates over what really happened in that cliffhanger ending some 25 years ago. Obviously you can't ...

TNT Cancels 'Dallas' Reboot, Leaving Fans Without Closure After Season 3 Cliffhanger Finale

Fans of the rebooted version of Dallas that has aired on TNT for the last season are not going to be happy with the powers-that-be who decided that the show will not be returning for a fourth season. The show was originally painted as a continuation ...

Campy 90's Horror Flick 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' Is Getting A Reboot

Nearly 20 years ago campy horror flicks were super-popular thanks to the crazy success of a not so little film called Scream. Not only did that make a mint but it also paved the way for a new breed of classic horror films with I Know What You Did ...

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