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Sir Mix-A-Lot Admits that Jennifer Lopez Was the Inspiration for Hit Single 'Baby Got Back'

Buzz 17:15PM EDT

You cannot go online anymore without seeing some celebrity's butt. Kim Kardashian's recent photo shoot with Paper magazine damn near broke the Internet, and Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" video stopped a few gentlemen in their tracks. Metal band Mastodon even got in on the fun as well with their video for "The Motherload." Gluteus maximus enthusiast/rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot still insists Jennifer Lopez wins for her booty, though. After all, she was the inspiration for Mix's hit "Baby Got Back." The rapper, whose famous tune was sampled in Minaj's "Anaconda," recently weighed in on the current booty trend, telling TMZ that he still favors his muse J.Lo. Mix talked to MTV in August about how Minaj came to use some of his butt-praising song for her huge single. "I don't really know Nicki Minaj, but I can tell you this: Lazy, she is not," he said. "That girl works hard. I was blown away by her work ethic. She would hit us up, she'd be in the studio vibing, coming up with different ideas, making sure those ideas were cool. She'd call you back after a couple more hours." After the video came out that month, Mix was quick to put his thoughts elegantly into a tweet. "Ok after watching @NICKIMINAJ Anaconda 37times I only have one word to sum up my feelings. DAMNNNNN!!!!!! #AnacondaVideoOnVevo," he wrote. Mix's girl J.Lo came out with a booty-centric video shortly thereafter. The 45-year-old singer ended up catching some flak for the clip, to which she responded, "You have to know that you don't disappear after you're 28 years old. You can be here, you can be vital and young and sexy and feel good about yourself." No word on how many times Mix watched Lopez's video.READ MORE

Sir Mix-A-Lot

Sir Mix-A-Lot Fields A Bunch Of Questions About Butts During Reddit AMA

Genres 15:46PM EDT

Although a majority of the questions asked during Sir Mix-A-Lot's Reddit AMA yesterday (Sept. 20) were booty-related, the rapper also fielded a few on other topics.READ MORE

Sir Mix-a-Lot

Sir Mix-A-Lot Reuniting With Presidents Of The USA? 'Anaconda' Has Him Dreaming Again

Genres 13:37PM EDT

He's back in the news thanks to Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda," which heavily samples the veteran rapper's multiplatinum hit "Baby Got Back."READ MORE

Green Day stars in 'The Simpsons Movie'

9 Great Cameos from Musicians on 'The Simpsons': Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, Weird Al and More

Genres 13:53PM EDT

The cultural impact of The Simpsons is immeasurable, as you can tell from checking out Joey "Sideshow Joe" DeGroot's list on the number of bands that named songs (or themselves) after references to the animated classic. Celebrities of all stripes realize the kind of power that such a program packs so they'll readily appear as guest stars. The number of musical guests in the history of The Simpsons is huge, but we've whittled it down to nine of the best in honor of the current marathon of every episode currently happening on FXX.READ MORE

Sir Mix-a-Lot

Happy Birthday Sir Mix-a-Lot! 3 Songs That Sample 'Baby Got Back': Nicki Minaj, Drake, And Eminem

Genres 15:00PM EDT

Happy Birthday Sir Mix-a-Lot. Check out five songs that sample on of his biggest hits.READ MORE

Nicki Minaj Anaconda

Sir Mix-A-Lot Talks Nicki Minaj’s Sampling 'Baby Got Back' On 'Anaconda' [LISTEN]

Trending News 11:40AM EDT

Nicki Minaj borrows from Sir-Mix-A-Lot's ubiquitous "Baby Got Back" on her latest single, "Anaconda" with the repeating line "my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hun," among other lines. "Baby Got Back" first dominated the radio and charts back in 1992 as a celebration of big booties.READ MORE

VIDEO: Seattle Symphony Orchestra Recreates Sir Mix-A-Lot's 'Baby Got Back' For the Classical Nation

VIDEO: Sir Mix-A-Lot Twerks Ludovic Morlot's Seattle Symphony Orchestra with 'Baby Got Back' Arrangement from Gabriel Profokiev

Tour Journals 12:30PM EDT

Ludovic Morlot's band has gone viral, ruffling the feathers of many a classical musician who argue that the cover was either a jocular time-piece or a salty gimmick.READ MORE

Opening Night Party of Teatro at The MGM Grand

Sir Mix-A-Lot Performs ‘Baby Got Back’ with Seattle Symphony

Genres 14:08PM EDT

Sir Mix-A-Lot got together with the Seattle Symphony this weekend to perform his hit single, "Baby Got Back."READ MORE

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