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Simon Cowell Undergoes Back Surgery Following Electric Bike Accident

Simon Cowell Undergoes Back Surgery Following Electric Bike Accident

Buzz 01:10AM EDT

Simon Cowell, the hard-to-please judge from "America's Got Talent," is hospitalized after a bike accident last August 8. Reports say that he broke several parts of his back and has undergone surgery.READ MORE

Amy Grant

A Breath of Heaven: Revisiting Amy Grant's Music After Her Successful Heart Surgery

Exclusives 23:54PM EDT

As Amy Grant successfully corrected her medical condition; the world can keep on looking forward to her music. Here are some of the albums released by "The Queen of Christian Pop" to shed light in the middle of these trying times:READ MORE

Linsey Godfrey - Twitter

Soap Star Linsey Godfrey Gravely Injured After Being Run Over by a Car in L.A.

Off-Key 15:39PM EDT

Freak accidents can be scary, and no one knows that better than soap star Lindey Godfrey today, Feb. 3. The actress, who portrays Caroline Spencer on "The Bold and the Beautiful" was walking in L.A. yesterday, Feb. 2, when a car careened onto the sidewalk after first hitting another car. The vehicle not only injured Godfrey, but she was pinned beneath the car until a bystander helped to get her out of the wreckage.READ MORE

Bruce Jenner - In Touch

Has All of That Obvious Plastic Surgery Put Bruce Jenner's Life at Risk?

Off-Key 14:10PM EDT

We have been hearing rumblings for well over a year now that Bruce Jenner is in the process of transitioning into a woman. Whatever his actual endgame is still may officially be a mystery, but the amount of surgery that he has had in recent months is completely undeniable. Sources close to the Jenner family are now revealing that the Olympic Champion may have already taken things too far.READ MORE

Bruce Jenner - In Touch

Kris Jenner Reeling After 'In Touch' Cover Depicts Ex Bruce Jenner As A Woman

Off-Key 12:24PM EDT

Kris Jenner may have decided to throw in the towel after 23 years of marriage with Bruce Jenner but she's still protective of the father of two of her kids. When In Touch decided to do a photo shopped cover of Bruce, totally transformed into a woman for the current issue, Kris was and still is, outraged. She has spent the last 8 years, quite literally hand-feeding the weekly magazines information about her family to print that would benefit everyone, so to see this felt like a betrayal.READ MORE

Richard Simmons - Getty Images

The Usually Festive Richard Simmons Is Still MIA as Friends Continue to Worry About His State of Mind

Off-Key 13:06PM EDT

Where in the world is Richard Simmons? That seems to be the question on the minds of all those who were once close to the legendary fitness guru. We recently told you that there have been rumors about Simmons's health and state of mind because the once-extremely outgoing and energetic guy we all recognized has gone completely radio silent. He has stopped attending charity events, has not been to his studio in Beverly Hills in months and now even his gated home looks to have been abandoned. According to a report by TMZ, Simmons's home is usually all decked out for the holidays, but not this year. Instead, it barely seems like anyone is living there. Several weeks ago there were reports that a combination of things have knocked Simmons down for the count. Supposedly, a beloved pet died and he has a knee injury that has scared him. Simmons is said to be completely terrified of having any kind of surgery, and he is actually putting off having a knee replacement. Without it, his physical abilities are limited, which means the fitness expert is a shadow of the man we all expect him to be, and that could easily have triggered major depression.READ MORE

Melissa Rivers and son Cooper - Twitter

Melissa Rivers Emerges from Mourning Her Mothers' Death and Appears to Have Had Some Work Done on Her Face

Off-Key 11:14AM EDT

In the three months since Joan Rivers untimely death, her daughter, Melissa Rivers has barely been seen in public. The 46-year old mother of one was absolutely gutted by the loss of her mother and while she has tried to put one foot in front of the other, her social media accounts reflect the fact that she is still buried in grief. Melissa did step out on Friday to attend the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Awards in Vegas and it was kind of hard to ignore the fact that she looks different.READ MORE

Corey Sligh - Instagram

'Y&R' Actor Corey Sligh Beaten After Purposely Being Hit By a Car on Thanksgiving

Off-Key 15:21PM EDT

This past Thanksgiving is likely one Corey Sligh will never forget. The actor, who has popped up on "The Young and the Restless" in various roles, stopped at a Rite Aid drug store in Los Angeles with his girlfriend Alisa Berhorst, and one comment lead to a violent altercation, according to "The Hollywood Reporter." The couple was originally making a quick stop before going to help feed those who were less privileged when a car in the parking lot was hopping curbs and doing donuts. Sligh noticed that the two men inside the vehicle were narrowly missing hitting people, and he suggested that they slow down. Instead of doing that, they purposely hit Sligh with the car and then got out and beat him! The men eventually sped off, but later crashed the car and were arrested by police. Sligh is still hospitalized at Cedars Sinai, where he will stay for at least a few more days. He reached out to fans via his Instagram, saying: "Hey kids, went to feed some people last night who don't have blessed thanksgivings and along the way got struck by a drunk driver! Have a surgery to go and another couple days in the hospital but should be fine soon! Thankful to still be on this great planet! Love y'all!"READ MORE

Phil Hughes - Getty Images

Australian Cricketer Phil Hughes Dies After Being Hit In the Head in Freak Accident

Off-Key 10:59AM EDT

t's a sad day in the sports world as it has been confirmed that 25-year old Phil Hughes, an Australian Cricketer has succumbed to a head injury that occurred during a match two days ago. Hughes was fatally injured when hit by a "bouncer," a short ball that bounces up towards the batsman's torso, near his left ear. The ball somehow managed to hit Hughes at the top of his neck, in spite of his helmet because he just so happened to swivel at that moment. Hughes suffered a massive bleed to his brain almost instantly and never recovered from a medically induced coma.READ MORE

Bode Miller and Morgan Beck - Getty Images

Bode Miller's Pregnant Wife Morgan Beck Puts His Baby Mama Sara McKenna on Blast in Pregnancy Chat Room

Off-Key 17:22PM EDT

Bode Miller is not exactly having an easy time right now. It was confirmed this week by the (New York) Daily News that he will undergo back surgery next Monday, Nov. 24, in California to repair a disc that has interfered with the normal use of his left leg. Miler hopes for a return to the slopes next January, but will spend the next few months rehabbing at home with his newly pregnant wife Morgan Beck. She, like many other pregnant women, decided to wander into a pregnancy chat room on thebump.com and it did not take long before she began sharing ... perhaps a little too much. Beck apparently goes by the screen name "2015mamatobe," which features a picture of her and Miller. At one point, Beck actually posted under her name, saying, "Girls do crazy things for money ... including taking condoms out of trash cans and locking themselves in a bathroom," which seemed to be taken as a direct dig at Miller's ex Sara McKenna, who has an 18-month-old son with the champion skier.READ MORE

Michael Phelps - Getty Images

Michael Phelps Is Still in Rehab as His Girlfriend, Taylor Lianne Chandler, Admits to the Press That She Was Born a Boy

Off-Key 14:46PM EDT

It might be a really good thing that Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is still away at rehab because he may need a bit of extra support. Taylor Lianne Chandler has come forward, claiming to be Phelps's most recent girlfriend. She recently detailed their alleged love affair to a popular tabloid, and now she has taken things a step further, divulging some personal information about herself. Chandler claims she actually was born a boy, a little fact she admits she never has actually told Phelps. According to the "Daily Mail," Chandler was born a male in name only, and is actually intersex, which means she had male genitalia but no testicles while also having a uterus and no ovaries. The "Mail" said she took to her Facebook to explain things to everyone, saying, "I was never a man, never lived as a man. No one can say they knew me as a man or produce a photo of me as a man. There are people that remember me as an androgynous child at times because of what was forced upon me."READ MORE

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner - Instagram

Kylie Jenner is Still Trying to Clone Kim Kardashian's Look at Debut of 'Kylie Koture' Hair Extensions

Off-Key 11:28AM EDT

When you see Kylie Jenner it's pretty easy to forget that she's actually only 17 years old. She showed up for the launch of her Kylie Koture hair extension event the other night looking much older than we've ever seen her. While Jenner may have been rocking some blue extensions she still appears to be Kim Kardashian's most loyal family protege. Jenner wore a midriff baring tube top, pencil skirt and then there are those arched brows and the notorious pout that looks like it just had a bit of work done on it.READ MORE

Kyle Richards, Alexia Umansky and friends - Facebook

'RHOBH's' Star Kylie Richards' Reeling after Her Sister Kim Richards' Dog Viciously Attacked Her Daughter, Alexia Umansky

Off-Key 09:11AM EDT

Fans of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" are familiar with the often strained relationship between Kyle and Kim Richards. In between juggling a large family and a few businesses Kyle has made it a priority to keep tabs on Kim, who has struggled with substance abuse. Kim basically has used her animals as a form of therapy but in recent weeks there have been rumors that she might have slipped off the wagon again. If so, things would likely have been already strained last Saturday when Kim's dog went crazy on Kyle's 18-year old daughter, Alexia Umansky.READ MORE

Freddie Smith - Getty Images

Soap Star Freddie Smith Finally Addresses Fans While Recovering After Near-Fatal Accident with Alyssa Tabit

Off-Key 13:16PM EDT

"Days of Our Lives" fans will be happy to hear that nearly three weeks after surviving a violent car crash, Feddie Smith is clearly on the mend. He and longtime girlfriend Alyssa Tabit were involved in a violent one-car crash in Kingsville Township, Ohio, earlier this month that left her in critical condition after undergoing emergency surgery. After a few weeks of silence, Smith finally reached out via his Facebook page to show a bit of gratitude, saying:READ MORE

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