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Ray and Dave Davies Reunite to Perform the Kinks Classic "You Really Got Me" [WATCH]

Buzz 14:03PM EDT

Brothers Ray and Dave Davies came together onstage for the first time in nearly two decades for an unannounced, impromptu Kinks performance at London's Islington Assembly Hall on Friday. The two reconvened and gave fans a holiday treat as they executed the 'Kinks' classic track, "You Really Got Me."READ MORE

The Kinks

5 Artists Who Have Never Been Nominated for a Grammy: Kinks, One Direction, The Strokes & More

Exclusives 16:06PM EDT

While critical acclaim and awards aren't everything, to Lovato, getting a Grammy seemed to cement an impact or a worthiness of being remembered in days to come. But, don't worry Demi. You're in good company. These five major acts haven't been nominated for a Grammy, either.READ MORE

David Bowie

Rare, Original David Bowie 'Holy Holy' Recording Unearthed From 1971 [LISTEN]

Buzz 16:30PM EDT

The recent announcement of David Bowie's plan to release a 2-disc box set titled 'Five Years: 1969-1971' brings rare recordings, B sides and singles--all of which were compiled onto one disc called 'Re: Call 1.' An extremely rare and original version of "Holy Holy" made the cut as Bowie expressed his desire to dance with the devil and yearned for solidarity.READ MORE

The Rolling Stones...before the drugs. Maybe.

Watch The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Other UK Rock Icons Make Their TV Debuts

Buzz 14:24PM EDT

Fifty years ago, the hip youth of the UK got a treat when a fresh young band named The Who made its first television appearance on Ready Steady Go. Marking the occasion, check out the first television appearances of some of the UK's other big acts from the '60s, including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin.READ MORE

Kurt Cobain of Nirvana

10 Artists Whose Debut Singles Were Covers: Nirvana, Rush, And More

Buzz 16:37PM EDT

Signing a brand new and therefore untested artist can be a risky move for most labels, so in order to get around this, some labels push their new artists to record cover songs for their debut singles as a sort of test run. Here are 10 artists who recorded cover songs for their debut singles.READ MORE

The Pretenders - 'The Pretenders' (1980)

The Pretenders' Debut Album: 12 Songs Ranked For Its 35th Anniversary

Buzz 15:14PM EDT

Today, Jan. 19, marks the 35th anniversary of the Pretenders' classic self-titled debut album, which bridged punk rock to new wave and set the course for many other guitar pop bands to come over the course of the '80s, including the Go-Gos, R.E.M., The Sugarcubes, and many more. In honor of this incredible album, here are its 12 tracks ranked, from weakest to best.READ MORE

Ray Davies

Davies Brothers Still Fighting: The Kinks Stars Arguing Over 'You Really Got Me'

Buzz 14:54PM EDT

Ray Davies and Dave Davies have had a heated 2014, but there is a difference between not wanting to tour together and straight-up lying to the public. The Kinks brothers have put themselves in that position, as only one of them can be telling the truth in their latest controversy. As radio.com noted, the current squabble is over the band's use of distorted guitars. Ray claimed he was the one who originated the sound. "My brother Dave and I played records so loud it made the speakers distort, and we thought it'd be a nice idea to make the guitar sound that distorted, and we cranked up the amplifier and I stuck a knitting needle in it," Ray told NPR. This story upset Dave, who recently took to his Facebook page in an attempt to set the record straight. "My brother is lying," he wrote. "I don't know why he does this but it was my Elpico amp that I bought and out of frustration I cut the speaker cone up with a razor blade and I was so shocked and surprised and excited that it worked that I demonstrated the sound to Ray and Pete." "Pete" refers to late bassist Pete Quaife, who died in 2010. "Pete didn't even like it and laughed and said it sounded like a dog barking," Dave said. "Ray liked the sound and he had written a riff on the piano which formed the basis of the song 'You Really Got Me' and I played the riff on my guitar with MY new sound. I ALONE CREATED THIS SOUND."READ MORE

The Kinks

The Kinks Working on New Music? Ray and Dave Davies Recorded Some Demos Last Year

Buzz 15:11PM EDT

Who said The Kinks would never get back together? Oh, that's right, frontman Ray Davies did a few times — most recently in October. The singer appears to be warming up to the idea of a reunion, though, recently telling "Rolling Stone" that he and brother Dave Davies laid down a few tracks last year. There are also rumblings of a possible tour for 2015. Thank the 1960s rock gods! During the interview, Ray touches on a variety of topics, including his brother, Dave, who he has been feuding with for most of his life. But it sounds like the two still make music together. "Look, my brother is very intelligent. He's a good writer," Ray said about Dave, who played guitar for The Kinks. "We actually put down a few demos last Christmas. He came to see me, and he played me a couple of new songs." That means a tour, right? "I don't know about next year. I'm doing a studio album of my songs from my book "Americana," and I'm going to do a small tour. As for the Kinks, I have to talk to Dave," he added.READ MORE

Ray Davies

The Kinks Will Not Reunite, According to Ray Davies

Buzz 12:48PM EDT

Dave Davies and Mick Avory have ruined The Kinks for everybody. That is what Ray Davies claims, anyway. The 70-year-old lead singer recently told the U.K.'s "Telegraph" that he is not the one holding up the group reunion.READ MORE

The Kinks

The Kinks Reunion: Dave Davies On Board For 2015 With Ray Davies

Genres 10:42AM EDT

Last month, Ray Davies told Mojo that he was prepared to tour in 2015 without his brother Dave Davies.READ MORE

David Bowie

David Bowie Loves The Kinks, Wrote Sleeve Notes For Box Set 'The Essential Kinks'

Genres 12:29PM EDT

The 48-track, two-CD set is due Oct. 14, and Bowie's website just posted a photo of him standing with Ray Davies above the caption, "I've never heard a Kinks song that I didn't like."READ MORE

The Kinks

50 Years of 'You Really Got Me' by The Kinks: Covers by Van Halen, Metallica, Brian Eno, Danny Elfman and More

Genres 15:09PM EDT

Fifty years ago on this date, The Kinks reached the top of the charts with the immortal classic "You Really Got Me," perhaps the band's best know track to this day. Check out a few covers of the classic, curated by Music Times.READ MORE

The Kinks To Release 50th Anniversary Box Set 'The Anthology 1964-1971' In November

Genres 11:51AM EDT

50 years ago today, Sept. 10, the Kinks scored their first number one single, "You Really Got Me." In celebration of this anniversary, the Kinks have announced that they will be releasing a five-disc box spanning their '60s-early '70s peak, NME reports. The Anthology 1964-1971 will compile the legendary band's best-loved songs, alongside 25 previously unreleased tracks including demos, outtakes, alternate mixes, and interviews.READ MORE

The Clash -

7 Album Covers That Are Homages to Other Albums: The Clash, Weezer, and more

Exclusives 18:20PM EDT

Musicians steal from each other all the times, whether it comes to lyrics, riffs, fashion, or in this case, album covers. Here are seven album covers that are homages (or rip-offs) to other albums.READ MORE

The Cure -

7 Artists Whose Best Song Isn't On Their Best Album: The Cure, Neil Young, and more

Exclusives 14:59PM EDT

When an artist has an album that's commonly accepted as their best, there's usually one song in there that's cited as their best as well ("God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys, "Born to Run" by Bruce Springsteen...). However, a lot of artists end up putting their best songs on an album that isn't actually their best. Here are seven artists who's best song isn't actually on their best album.READ MORE

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