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Sex Pistols Team Up With Converse for Chuck Taylor All Star Collection

Buzz 20:52PM EDT

The Sex Pistols have teamed up with Converse for a special edition Chuck Taylor All Star collection. The sneaker collaboration showcasing the punk band's logo and artwork apparently inspired by the band is due out this Spring.READ MORE

The Rolling Stones In 1967

The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Amy Winehouse: Documentaries Disapproved by Band and Family

Buzz 14:48PM EDT

Amy: The Girl Behind The Name is one of the most anticipated documentaries of the year thus far, set to shed light on the light and mindset of Amy Winehouse, one of the millennium's brightest rising stars before dying of alcohol poisoning during 2011. One party has decided that it doesn't support the content of the film on the eve of its release at the Cannes Film Festival: her family. Father Mitch Winehouse alleges that the film places an undue amount of blame for her lifestyle upon the family, based on interviews with her then-boyfriend Blake Fielder-Civil (who himself was notorious for supplying her habits). Lawsuits for slander may be pending. In the meantime, check out five other music documentaries that the starring performers—such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Eric Clapton—don't want you to see.READ MORE

Taylor Swift:

Taylor Swift's '1989' Louder Than Classic Metallica, AC/DC and Sex Pistols Records. How?

Buzz 09:23AM EDT

When you think of "loud" albums, you probably don't think about Taylor Swift. However a new study from Ian Shepherd, audio engineer and founder of Dynamic Range Day, demonstrates that in fact the pop star's most recent release, '1989,' is among the loudest albums of all time. Among the album it trumps are AC/DC's 'Back In Black,' Metallica's "Black" album, and the Sex Pistols' 'Never Mind The Bollocks.'READ MORE

Frank Sinatra

7 Great Frank Sinatra Covers from Bob Dylan, Lady Gaga, Aretha Franklin, Sex Pistols and More

Buzz 15:13PM EDT

A source indicated today that Bob Dylan might be considering a second album of Frank Sinatra to accompany this year's Shadows In The Night. Sinatra was himself a master of the cover, often taking popular songs and immortalizing them with his own iconic voice, so it's sensible that plenty of others would cover Old Blue Eyes in turn. Music Times chose a brief set of our favorite tributes to one of the greatest vocalists of all time.READ MORE

David Bowie, circa 1973

5 Great Rock Docs Focusing on UK Acts and The '70s: David Bowie's 'Cracked Actor,' 'The Kids Are Alright' and More

Buzz 15:38PM EDT

David Bowie has had several documentaries made about his legendary and varied career but none have come close to the original: Cracked Era, which debuted on the BBC during 1975 and caught the vocalist following the release of Diamond Dogs and his preparation for the tour in support of the album. More relevantly, it caught Bowie at the peak of his addiction to cocaine and gave viewers a look at the paranoia and mental exhaustion it caused him. Bowie was far from the only British musician from that era to be captured on film. Here are five other documentaries (some mad during the decade and some made later looking back) that give viewers a new understanding of that period in UK music history.READ MORE


2015 GRAMMY Hall of Fame Inductees: Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Bonnie Raitt and More Make the Cut

Genres 15:19PM EDT

The GRAMMY Hall of Fame has announced its 2015 class of inductees. Today (Dec. 15), the body announced the 13 albums and 14 songs that will be honored in the new year, including cuts from ABBA, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt and Leonard Cohen.READ MORE

Sid Vicious, once and always notorious.

Musicians and Knives, Never A Good Combination: Assault Charges from Sid Vicious to Jay Z

Buzz 16:19PM EDT

Word to the wise: If someone leaks your album early, don't attempt to murder them. It was a d--k move on their part but the court will rarely give you leniency because your victim is a tool. This was what Jay Z learned when he was convicted for stabbing Lance Rivera under the belief that the latter party had bootlegged Vol. 3...The Life and Times of S. Carter. Knives are a less popular tool for murder in the modern era but that hasn't stopped the musicians listed below.READ MORE

Bruce Springsteen

7 Artists Who Gradually Became More Accessible: Bruce Springsteen, Metallica and More

Buzz 10:24AM EDT

While some artists throughout rock history gradually became stranger as their careers went on, including The Beatles and Radiohead, there are other artists who started off strange and inaccessible but eventually moved toward accessibility, whether it was due to pressure from their label or a legitimate desire to clean up their sound. Here are seven artists who became more accessible:READ MORE

John Lydon in 1978 with The Sex Pistols

Sex Pistols John Lydon Says He Feels a 'Bit Responsible' for Sid Vicious' Death

Buzz 19:04PM EDT

Former frontman for The Sex Pistols and punk pioneer John Lydon spoke recently at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, revealing that he has carried some grief over the 1979 death of bandmate Sid Vicious, saying he feels a "bit responsible."READ MORE

Black Sabbath Vol. 4 (1972)

14 Album Covers Featuring Just The Lead Singer: The Cure, Black Sabbath And More

Exclusives 21:38PM EDT

The lead singer of a rock band typically gets more attention than any other member, whether it's warranted or not. Many bands take advantage of this dynamic and release albums that feature just the lead singer on the cover, and no other member. Here are some album covers featuring just the lead singer.READ MORE

Henry Rollins

Highest Net Worth Punk Performers: John Lydon, Henry Rollins and Ian MacKaye Are Worth More Than You Would Think

Genres 15:56PM EDT

One genre is routinely left out of Forbes' investigations of who makes the most money in music: punk!READ MORE

Lauryn Hill

8 Artists Who Have Faced Songwriting Disputes: Lauryn Hill, Neil Young, And More

Exclusives 20:48PM EDT

In the last week, transcripts have been released of Robin Thicke's legal questioning regarding his "Blurred Lines" copyright infringement lawsuit, in which he reveals that Pharrell actually wrote nearly every part of the divisive hit. Songwriting credits are a famously tricky issue in the music business, as these eight artists have proven.READ MORE

A scaptia Beyoncea and Beyoncé herself.

Species Named after Famous Musicians: Mick Jagger, Beyoncé, Bono, Jim Morrison and Many More

Genres 13:56PM EDT

Mick Jagger had the honor (or something like it), as Music Times reporter Carolyn Menyes wrote earlier this week, of having an extinct species of pig named after him. The news itself isn't that shocking: scientists are naming stuff after musicians all the time. We've narrowed down a majority of the organisms and their respective titles into five categories.READ MORE

Aretha Franklin

12 Legends Covering Songs By Other Legends: Aretha Franklin, Led Zeppelin, And More [LISTEN]

Exclusives 18:25PM EDT

It's pretty common for an up-and-coming artist to cover a song by a legendary artist to get themselves going, but there have been many times where these covers of classic songs have come from other legendary artists. Here are 12 legendary artists who have covered other legendary artists.READ MORE

'At San Quentin' by Johnny Cash

8 Prison Albums Not by Johnny Cash: B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, The Sex Pistols and More

Genres 15:47PM EDT

Despite not being Cash's best prison show by a long shot—that honor goes to his At Folsom Prison, which was recorded earlier but released later—the success of At San Quentin seemed to touch off a craze in releasing live albums recorded at penitentiaries. Here's a selection of eight albums that weren't released by Cash.READ MORE

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