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The Weeknd, Angelina Jolie

'The Weeknd 'Obsessed' With Angelina Jolie 'For Years?' True Intentions Revealed!

Rumors 12:00PM EDT

The Weeknd reportedly has other intentions with his rumored girlfriend, Angelina Jolie.READ MORE

The Weeknd, Angelina Jolie

The Weeknd Used? THIS May Be The Reason Why Angelina Jolie Is Hanging Out With Him

Rumors 12:03PM EDT

Is Angelina Jolie only using The Weeknd?READ MORE

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, Dalton Gomez, The Weeknd Spark 'Threesome' Rumors After Being Spotted On a Night Out

Buzz 21:02PM EDT

Ariana Grande and her husband Dalton Gomez were spotted going out on a movie night with The Weeknd.READ MORE

The Weeknd

The Weeknd Ready to Submit His Songs To the Grammys?

Buzz 07:29AM EDT

The Weeknd made headlines after deciding to boycott the Grammy Awards.READ MORE

The Weeknd

The Weeknd Dethrones 'Imagine Dragons' In Billboard Hot 100 Chart As He Gears Up For Upcoming Series

Buzz 08:07AM EDT

The Weeknd broke the record for the most weeks spent on the Billboard Hot 100 chart dethroning 'Imagine Dragons.'READ MORE

The Weeknd

The Weeknd Music Video Removed From IMAX Screenings -- Alarming Reason Revealed

Genres 20:23PM EDT

The Weeknd's new video "Take My Breath" literally took everyone's breath away that IMAX Theaters pulled it from its screenings.READ MORE

The Weeknd

Abel is Coming: The Weeknd Trends Worldwide After Making Major Change On IG Account

Buzz 22:18PM EDT

The Weeknd began his new journey again as his fans warned everyone that “Abel is Coming.”READ MORE

Angelina Jolie, The Weeknd

Angelina Jolie, The Weeknd Fueled Romance Rumors More After They Did THIS In Public

Rumors 21:54PM EDT

Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd poured more fuel into the romance rumors surrounding them.READ MORE

The Weeknd Faces $50 Million Copyright Infringement Battle With Hit Album 'Starboy'

The Weeknd Faces $50 Million Copyright Infringement Battle With Hit Album 'Starboy'

Buzz 13:10PM EDT

Scottish songwriters claim The Weeknd's executive producers 'plagiarized' their song with the singer's hit track.READ MORE

From Anonymous to Famous: 5 Artists Who Started on YouTube

From Anonymous to Famous: 5 Artists Who Started on YouTube

Exclusives 04:30AM EDT

Some aspiring artists use many social media platforms in order to grow a following and, hopefully, land a record deal with a prestigious company. Among the many platforms, YouTube is one that has the power to bring the status from a regular content creator to a global popstar. Here are some of the talented artists who were discovered on YouTube.READ MORE

Lady Gaga and BTS

Here is The Full List of Winners for The MTV VMAs 2020

Buzz 23:20PM EDT

The 2020 MTV Video Music Awards were held on August 30, Sunday, and was one of the first live-event awards show to be held ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. The show had numerous buzzworthy peformances put on by a star-studded line-up, like Lady Gaga and Ariana Granda's TV debut of "Rain On Me" and BTS's first-ever performance of their latest all-English single "Dynamite".READ MORE

The Weeknd Reveals The Five Songs That Defined His Career

The Weeknd Reveals The 5 Songs That Defined His Career

Exclusives 02:23AM EDT

During an interview with Esquire, The Weeknd spoke about which songs he has released helped define his career. Did your favorite song make the list?READ MORE

The Weeknd Donates $300,000 to Global Aid For Lebanon Following Beirut Explosion

The Weeknd Donates $300,000 to Global Aid for Lebanon Following Beirut Explosion

Buzz 01:09AM EDT

Following his donations to coronavirus relief, Black Lives Matter, and other social justice organizations, The Weeknd donated $300,000 USD to Global Aid for Lebanon on August 12, Wednesday, following the Beirut explosions.READ MORE

Juice WRLD wants fans to

Juice WRLD Wants Fans To "Smile" In New Single Featuring The Weeknd

Buzz 01:04AM EDT

Late rapper Juice WRLD and R&B singer-songwriter The Weeknd released their collaboration single "Smile."READ MORE

Vinyl records: The Weeknd available on Amazon

Vinyl records: Explore the music of The Weeknd [AMAZON]

Exclusives 02:23AM EDT

Add a beautiful set of The Weeknd vinyl records on your collections through AMAZON.READ MORE

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