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Thor: Ragnarok

Chris Hemsworth's Contract With Marvel As Thor Is Up: 'I Won't Be Playing The Character Again'

Chris Hemsworth's stint as the God of Thunder has been completed. After six years, the Australian actor has revealed that his contract with Marvel Entertainment to play the role of Thor ends after 'Avengers: Infinity War' Part II.

The 5 Best Movies Of 2017 That You Should Definitely See — Or Have Seen

The year 2017 gave movie buffs some remarkable and memorable films to talk about. There are five films that tied fans over the wait until new movies come out in 2018.

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Japanese Trailer Features Doctor Strange Prophesy

Doctor Strange joins Thor and Hulk on the upcoming "Thor: Ragnarok." As seen on the newest Japanese trailer, the Sorcerer Supreme will give some dire warnings to the Asgardian.

Taylor Swift Spends Time With Patients of Children’s Hospital in Australia

Taylor Swift took a break from her thriving music career to surprise the young patients of the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in South Brisbane, Australia. The "Shake it Off" singer is currently in the Land Down Under to accompany her new ...

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