January 20, 2018 / 8:20 AM

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Lionsgate Wants To Have More 'Hunger Games' And 'Twilight' Sequels To Market

Lionsgate Entertainment Corporation under its CEO Jon Feltheimer expressed his intentions to market spinoffs or installments of 'Hunger Games' and 'Twilight'. The discussion with his analysts in Wall Street depends on its big authors if they agree to ...

Robert Pattinson Music Career, No New Movies? Kellan Lutz Praises 'Beautiful' Songs On Twitter

Despite Robert Pattinson's ongoing success in films, the 29-year-old British heartthrob's other big passion is music. And according to fellow "Twilight" co-star Kellan Lutz, R-Patz should focus more on this talent!

Kristen Stewart May Seem Miserable, But She's 'Endlessly Proud' of Her 'Twilight' Success

For the most part, Kristen Stewart really seems to fly below the radar. After her high-profile romance with Robert Pattinson crashed and burned a few years ago, Stewart opted to try and live a more private life. Her interviews often seem to indicate ...

Robert Pattinson Rumored to Be 'In Love' During a PDA-Filled Weekend in NYC with FKA Twigs

When Robert Pattinson first started popping up with FKA Twigs a few months ago many people seemed to think that it was just a casual thing that would fizzle out. Instead these two seem to be getting stronger every day and their weekend trip to NYC ...

Songs About Tombstones: From Bob Dylan, The Allman Brothers and Childish Gambino

We're feeling a little dark on this Monday afternoon (early in the week, ya know) so we're going to look back at a number of songs named after the stones that will eventually mark our graves. Maybe get some ideas in the process.

Robert Pattinson's Romance with FKA Twigs Heats Up as 'Twilight' Fans Rally for a Reunion with Kristen Stewart

It has been a long time coming, but finally it seems that Robert Pattinson has not only moved on from his relationship with Kristen Stewart, but he has finally found a new love.

Thurston Moore's black metal supergroup, Twilight, announces new album and breakup in one go

Thurston Moore has taken much of the heat for the breakup of alternative rock icon Sonic Youth, but there's no word yet on who's to blame for the breakup of his most recent band: American black metal outfit Twilight.

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