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The Column: Renée Fleming's National Anthem at Superbowl XLVIII...What Controversy?

What's the fuss all about? The U.S. morning news bulletins are full of the news that, shock, horror, "Opera singer to sing national anthem at Superbowl." And? And yet the news teams (news!) are earnestly discussing the rights and wrongs of the ...

Dylanology: Coen Brothers' 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Revives Interest in Dave Van Ronk, the Real Mayor of MacDougal Street

Yesterday, Classicalite published my piece on the importance of staying relevant in our ever-changing world. As such thinking is wont to do, it met with a bit of criticism. Occasionally, yes, music and culture that begins outside the mainstream ...

Collateral Damage: Where Will Copyright Law Get Us to Next...Nowhere?

Call it "collateral damage," indeed. Technology has become an everyday re-invention of the new age. While computerization inserts itself as the norm, industries deliberate on better ways of protecting their products from illegal sharing and piracy.

NewMusicBox's Alex Temple on Staying Musically Relevant in 2014 (feat. Joanna Gruesome...and the Late Sonic Youth)

Remaining successful in the modern world is no easy feat. In order to be a successful artist today, one must stay relevant. But what does that mean, you may wonder?

After Lang Lang Takes Grammys with Metallica, Sony Classical Releasing 'Happy Chinese New Years' EP

The Grammys will play host to a new invention of orchestral thrash this year, as the deft concert pianist Lang Lang will team up with metal pioneers Metallica. This wouldn't be the first time the heavy quartet paired up for an orchestral ...

DEADLINE: Get in Your Application to Play with Marin Alsop and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra!

Once again, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra is inviting all "rusty musicians" to take part in the ensemble's summer training programs. This time, though, both orchestral and chamber opportunities will be available.

Gergiev, Nelsons, Gilbert or Alsop...Who is the World’s Busiest Conductor?

Some interesting statistics, yes, from the U.K.-based music website Bachtrack. Every year, they compile the stats from the events they have listed, and the list for 2013 has Valery Gergiev as the world's busiest conductor. Andris Nelsons comes ...

With Andrés Orozco-Estrada as Principal Guest Conductor of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, What Will Happen to Vladimir Jurowski?

Not to steal even the smallest beat away from maestro Orozco-Estrada's good news, but inquiring minds do want to know what's up with Jurowski's tenure at the LPO.

Don't Cry for Me, El Sistema: Late Venezuelan Leader Hugo Chávez Gets Musical Debut in Minsk

When you really, really like another country's leader, make a musical about him.

The Column: Are Live Broadcasts Good for Classical Music?

Classicalite wants to know. Really.

Birtwistle, Adès, Turnage...Oliver Knussen: Who Will Replace Sir Peter Maxwell Davies as Master of the Queen's Music?

Who is first in line for the high-profile job you can't apply for? The U.K.'s Sunday Telegraph has some ideas, as does Classicalite's James Inverne.

Stevie Wonder, Gil Scott-Heron and Malcolm Cecil Reflect on How They Created Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Music and politics are often at an impasse. It's arguable the affect music can have as a force behind political motion--and how music can ultimately effect change on a large scale.

Norwegian Trumpeter Arve Henriksen Releases 'Cosmic Creation,' the Follow-Up to 'Chron,' via Rune Grammofon

Arve Henriksen celebrates a new release this month with his Cosmic Creations album. The eight-song LP features the Norwegian trumpeter and multi-intrumentalist in his sibling record to Chron

Some 50 Years Later, Bob Dylan's 'Tarantula' Resurfaces...Chaos and All

"Please leave the politics out and just read the damn thing for yourself." -- Ian Holubiak

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