June 21, 2018 / 12:51 AM

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Review: Ariana Grande Begs Santa for Some 'Snow in California'

It is yet another Tuesday counting down to Christmas, and that means that "Right There" singer Ariana Grande has released yet another holiday track. Today (Dec. 3), right at midnight, "Snow in California" debuted on iTunes as a part of Grande's ...

Review: Justin Bieber 'Change Me' [LISTEN]

Justin Bieber is nearing the end of his Music Mondays series. Last night (Dec. 1), slightly before its midnight due time, the pop megastar released the penultimate track in the series, "Change Me."

Review: Ariana Grande Wants Your Heart in 'Love Is Everything'

Ariana Grande's second Christmas Kisses track has arrived. After releasing a total reworking of "Last Christmas" last week, Grande has officially released an original holiday song today (Nov. 26): "Love is Everything." Here, the Yours Truly starlet ...

Review: Jamie Lynn Spears 'How Could I Want More'

It's been quite some time since Jamie Lynn Spears was in the spotlight. The former Nickelodeon star and Britney's little sister largely dropped out of the public eye after giving birth to daughter Maddie Briann Aldridge in 2008 and leaving the show ...

Review: Justin Bieber Gets Funky in 'Rollercoaster' [LISTEN]

Justin Bieber has mostly kept things low key in his Music Mondays single series, rarely venturing above mid-tempo territory for his new adult music. Now, the teen idol has released the eighth song for the project: the bouncy "Rollercoaster," and ...

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