Pitbull, Ke$ha 'Timber' music video drops following AMA performance, features beaches and country saloon

By Carolyn Menyes | Nov 25, 2013 10:17 AM EST

After a totally mediocre performance last night at the American Music Awards, Pitbull and Ke$ha are letting things go down. The hard partying duo, who recently embarked on a worldwide tour together, have released the music video for their collaboration track “Timber” exclusively on Facebook.

The video pulls from the square dance-esque motif of the song on Ke$ha’s part. The rainbow haired beauty rocks some seriously short shorts and a flannel shirt tied up and she dances and writhes around a country bar. She serves up some shots alongside some other T-shirt wearing bartenders and makes bedroom eyes at the camera, all while singing the track’s hook about taking shots like chopping down lumber.

Meanwhile, Pitbull is in his most comfortable zone: the set of a Miami beach with a bikini-clad lady, playing in the ocean and rapping about partying.

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In between all of that, there are country living scenes of farm animals, shots of the Miami skyline and plenty of square dancing.

If the whole thing sounds like two completely different music video concepts, that’s because they kind of are. Pitbull and Ke$ha don’t appear in any scenes together, making it feel like there’s a huge disconnect between the two in the video. Most likely, they couldn’t make their busy schedules work to shoot one cohesive clip, but the director could have at least thrown Pitbull in some farm shots to make this feel like one video.

Of course, the editing is so fast that it’s hard to take any one scene in for two long. It doesn’t seem like a single frame is held on to for more than two seconds, but hey, it’s a party.

Watch Pitbull and Ke$ha’s music video for “Timber” over at Facebook.

"Timber" is the first single from Global Warming Meltdown, Pitbull's extended edition of his 2012 album Global Warming. The LP drops tomorrow (Nov. 26).

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