Armin van Buuren, Kensington Unveil "Heading Up High" Music Video

By Ryan Middleton | Feb 09, 2016 12:28 PM EST

Armin van Buuren has unveiled the music video for his single with Dutch band Kensington "Heading Up High." Taken from the Dutch trance DJ's recent album Embrace, the video chronicles a group of prisoners in an Alcatraz-like prison trying to escape while Kensington and Armin van Buuren perform the song for them. A brief cameo by Hardwell as a prisoner adds to the video's amusing qualities.

The video starts out with some stunning shots of the isolated, rocky island where the jail is situated as Armin arrives in one of two helicopters. He gets off and heads into the middle of the jail where he joins Kensington who have already started the impromptu jailhouse performance.

Things start to lose touch with reality really fast when all of the prisoners exit their cells to fist pump with Armin and a group of them gather in the center near a rope to try and "head up high" to the top of the dome and escape. One man attempts to climb and falls a long way down, but is caught by his comrades before another eventually climbs his way to the top. The camera pans around the big space throughout the video and this is when we see Hardwell the prisoner fist-pumping to some Armin.

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"Heading Up High" is the latest video to emerge from Armin's sixth full-length artist album Embrace.

"I wanted to create a song that was just totally unexpected and I'd been drawn to the sound of Kensington for some time. We really vibed well together and I think my long-time dance music fans may be surprised by some elements of this song," said Armin of the song in a statement. "It just really soars and I get a great reaction whenever I play it out! It's got the feel of worlds coming together."

Watch the video below.

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