Grammys 2016 Best Pop Vocal Duo/Group Performance Nominees, Who Should/Will Win: Bruno v Swift

By Ryan Middleton | Feb 10, 2016 12:10 PM EST

Though pop stars are revered as solo talents, spanning from Michael Jackson to Madonna to your modern day stars like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, there has always been a special place for the rare collaborations and groups that can compete with the biggest acts in the world. The Best Pop Vocal Duo/Group Performance nominees include tracks from Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars, Wiz Khalifa, Charlie Puth Maroon 5, Florence & The Machine and the duo of Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar.


Florence & The Machine -- "Ship To Wreck"
Maroon 5 -- "Sugar"
Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars -- "Uptown Funk"
Taylor Swift featuring Kendrick Lamar -- "Bad Blood"
Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth -- "See You Again"

Who Should Win: Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars -- "Uptown Funk"

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Unless the voting block is all Taraji B and just looooove Maroon 5, they don't have a chance here. If this were about songwriting and pure vocal talent, then "Ship To Wreck" would be the favorite, but there is more to a performance in the pop world. Generally the Grammys leave their "indie" picks for best album, not in the pop categories.

"See You Again" is up against better pop tracks from Taylor Swift and Mark Ronson, which leaves Wiz & Puth behind. This is tough, but the impossibly funky "Uptown Funk" deserves the title here. It was dominant all year, even funking up with Super Bowl. It was a rousing and incredibly catchy performance from these two that was easily their biggest song to date.

Swift and K.Dot will get their awards elsewhere this year, possibly in the biggest categories, though "Bad Blood" could snag this one. Kendrick's verse just felt like a little unnecessary here.

Who Will Win: Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars -- "Uptown Funk"

Again Maroon 5 just doesn't have a chance and while Florence + The Machine are great, the Grammys love to see pop tracks be big radio hits and "Ship To Wreck" just hasn't been that.

"See You Again" falls into that category, but being a rapper crossing over as the lead artist doesn't feel like the winning combination in the pop category.

This could be easily snatched up by Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar who have bigger name power than Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. However "Uptown Funk" was a special song this year.

With Daft Punk taking home six awards with a disco revival in 2014, funk should be close to the voters' hearts still, giving "Uptown Funk" the slight edge, though it will be very close.

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