Watch GTA, Vince Staples "Little Bit of This" From 'Good Times Ahead'

By Ryan Middleton | Sep 16, 2016 05:40 PM EDT

GTA and Vince Staples have released the video for their collaboration "Little Bit Of This," lifted from GTA's album Good Times Ahead. GTA over the years have shown their ability to move seamlessly between genres and this one is no different as they craft a beat that fits perfectly with Staples' flow. The track also comes with a music video.

The beat is simple enough for something out of the GTA discography. Their instrumentals have more going on because they have to be able to capture a listener without any vocals. This is still quite different from many other hip-hop beats with loud percussion in the background and a slower drumbeat that allows Vince's flow to glide over the beat.

"Who got love for Vince? / Feelin' like Snoop at the Source awards / Feelin' like you wasn't born for war / Cause when I come around you be head to the ground / Crack a mother*ckin' smile, I'm the man 'round the town," raps the Long Beach rapper in the first verse.

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The hook is hypnotic and repetitive as Staples eases back and forth with the line, "Little bit of this, little bit of that."

The video features Vince sitting on an old BMW 3 series on an old construction site as few other 3 series drive around in circles around them. It there a point to it, or much going on? No, but there is a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

The single is taken from GTA's debut album Good Times Ahead, which will be released on Oct. 7. Fans can pre-order the LP on iTunes here. The duo is also going on an extensive tour across North America in support of the album. Find the itinerary here.

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