Michael Jackson's 'Bad' Album is 30 Years Old! How MJ Influenced Today's Biggest Pop Stars

| Sep 04, 2017 05:29 PM EDT

The month of August had been a momentous life in Michael Jackson’s life and career. His birthday is on August 29 and “Bad,” one of the greatest albums in his career was released on August 31, 1987. This year will be the 30th year anniversary of the album which gave the world songs like “Dirty Diana” and      “Smooth Criminal.”

“Bad” was released five years after the release of “Thriller” in 1982 reports Billboard. It also served as the King of Pop’s comeback vehicle after his almost two-year disappearance in 1985. It is said that the album marked a whole new sound of Michael Jackson that had a massive influence on many of today’s biggest music artists.

Jackson’s memory is alive and well because of some pop stars who have credited him with being their biggest musical influence. One artist whose dance moves and vocal ability are often compared to Jackson’s is Chris Brown. Brown said after his idol’s death, "Michael Jackson is the reason why I do music and why I am an entertainer.”

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Justin Bieber often reminds people of Jackson because of his moonwalking and crotch grabbing on stage. He is also known to wear masks in public and even got himself a pet monkey that are reminiscent of the late great. Meanwhile, Bieber’s mentor, Usher, is known for hitting high notes and his sexy moves just like MJ.

Justin Timberlake was able to perform onstage with Jackson for his 30th anniversary show in 2001. Jackson’s influence on J.T. is apparent in his music. His hit “Rock Your Body” was originally intended to be included in Jackson’s 2001 album “Invincible” reports E! News.

 Britney Spears is another artist who had the opportunity to perform with Jackson. They performed “The Way You Make Me Feel” also at the anniversary show. "He has been an inspiration throughout my entire life and I'm devastated he's gone!" Spears said after his death.

Before Jackson’s death, Ne-Yo got to collaborate with him on the song “Incredible” for the former’s album. As the R&B star relates it, he almost lost it when in their first meeting, Michael started singing his song “Go on Girl,” which he said was his favorite song of Ne-yo’s.

If there is one pop artist who reminds people of Jackson specially from his “ Beat It” and “Thriller” era, it would be Bruno Mars. He has the voice and dancing moves that clearly give the Michael Jackson vibes.

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