Lady Gaga Upset With Negativity As “Joanne Tour” Euro Leg Moved To 2018

By Staff Reporter | Sep 20, 2017 08:00 PM EDT

After recovering from respiratory infection and laryngitis, Lady Gaga is forced to put a hold on the European Leg of her "Joanne" tour due to health concerns. With negative comments on her decision, the "Bad Romance" singer shares her thoughts via social media.

Promoter Live Nation released a statement on Monday that the European leg of the tour had to be moved per the recommendation of the medical professionals that are taking care of Lady Gaga, CNN reported. Gaga, who is currently in the hospital due to body pain caused by fibromyalgia, was scheduled to start her "Joanne" tour in Barcelona, Spain on September 21, and end in Cologne, Germany on October 28.

In a series of Twitter posts, Lady Gaga explained her side of the situation. She started with apologizing to the Rio crowd for canceling her Rock in Rio appearance, where the singer was supposed to headline the Festival. Feeling devastated, Gaga asked for grace and understanding for choosing to take care of her body but promised to perform for Brazil again in the future.

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Another post from Gaga sheds further light on her predicament. Stating her disappointment with online posts that says she is using her "suffering" as an excuse to skip touring, she clarifies that she is using the word "suffer" because her condition is hindering her from living the life she wants, People reported. She ends her post by while she looks forward to performing and touring again soon, she has to stay with her doctors to get fixed and perform for many years to come.

Characterized by musculoskeletal pain, Fibromyalgia is usually accompanied by fatigue, and sleep issues, to name a few. A cure for the disorder is not available at the moment, but different medications are available to control the different symptoms, which begin to appear after experiencing physical trauma or infection.

Despite moving the Euro leg, the second North American leg, scheduled to start on November 5 in Indianapolis, Indiana, is still as planned. 


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