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Chief Keef Shares New Song "Dear" From Upcoming Album 'Bang 3' [LISTEN]



Though his upcoming album Bang 3 has been delayed pretty much indefinitely, Chief Keef keeps sharing some of the album’s tracks to let us know that it will be coming out eventually. The latest track that Keef has shared is the self-produced “Dear,” and as can be expected, it’s a bizarre, often confusing four-and-a-half minutes.

Some sections of the song float along without any beat whatsoever, and though Kanye pulled that off really well in certain songs from Yeezus, this definitely isn’t Yeezus. Keef’s delivery is just as slurred as usual, and pretty unconcerned with the beat. You can check out the song below and hear for yourself:

Here are the lyrics for “Dear,” as transcribed by Rap Genius:

Aye, Chief Sosa man
Almighty Sosa n***a
Good Sosa man
Aye, rest in peace Big Glo
Rest in peace Morgan
Free Wop, free Slick n***a
Gang gang n***a
Know how we bang bang n***a
F**k you talkin bout?
N***as swear they comin'
We ain't comin'
What the f**k you thought my n***a
We rockin' and we rollin' and
We pumpin' up and we don't pop out
Pop out with Glocks out n***a
Skoodooskoo n***a
Dooladoo n***as
Bang n***a, aye
3 double O n***a
6 double O n***a
Rest in peace real Lil Steve n***a
Fuck with y'all n***as
Free Rose man

I just hit a lick, I'm finna take a trip
Might go to China, with a lotta grip
Grip up on my hip, Imma let it rip
And my pocket money, I'm professor built
Blood gang, I f**k with crips
N***a I'm f***in' dipped
Glo Gang, n***a we the f***in' s**t
I'm high b***h, I'm smokin'
They play me on your f***in' strip
I got a letter, Imma start it off with "Dear"

[Verse 1]
Come thru in all black
White chocolate whistles
I got a gun
Why the f**k would I call some n***as?
A n***a said that he went on Chief Sosa, neva
I'm a f***in' dog, ruff ruff get em'
Bentley Hunnas, ridin' thru your block shiftin'
If you gon bring a knife n***a don't bring not a weapon
I'm smokin' on the skunk and this is smelly
Chief Sosa Buddha cuz I got a big old belly
She said she want my time, but I can't tell it (thotty)
Its bling blingy, a n***a felt it
Swear these n***as always jokin'
F***in Mike Eppin'
B***h I'm gettin' money, how am I jealous?
I ain't got no jets so I ride first class
I swear my f***in' seat turn into a bed
The pilot saw my eyes and said they awfully red
I told him "I get high as you, I'm the man"


[Verse 2]
Dear miss, I'm that f***in' n***a
Hot as ice, swear that I'm so sicka
Ruler in that contagious, that sicka
It's lookin' like a f***in' sticker
I called the stain, he get stepped up
With my zo's in Miami, flipped up
They bring them sticks out and stuck ya
You thinkin' that you hard, they push ya
I'm finna take a trip to Russia
Just get 10 thousand to my mother
And 20 to my grandma
I left and told em' that I love em'
Called Kay Kay on the phone she like "Hey daddy"
"I like what you doin" swear she so happy
She want all the clothes
She wanna be so swaggy
I named my son Your Highness
I named my mac Macky


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