There is nothing like a good, old-fashioned Thanksgiving parody. DJ Richie Philips at WGNA in Albany, New York, got some elementary school students to sing about their least favorite holiday dish: yams. The kicker? The song is titled "I Hate Yams in All Places" and it is set to the tune of a little ditty made famous by Garth Brooks called "I've Got Friends in Low Places," Taste of Country notes.

"It's Thanksgiving Day, there's food that we hate / There's also some foods that we like," the children sing, trying to nail down the melody. "When it's all on my dish, and they serve me fish / I'd rather be out on my bike."

The students really give it their all in the video below, and it all comes to a climax at the reworked chorus.

"I hate yams in all places / I'd rather chew on my shoelaces / But it's only right to be polite / It's only right to tell my mother / Feed those yams to my brother," they sing.

We did not need any more evidence that yams are the most hated Thanksgiving dish, but we will certainly take it.

Lady Antebellum worked on a short parody to support the month-long movement of No Shave November. The band changed Meghan Trainor's hit song "All About That Bass" to "All About That Beard." Lady A performed in the name of charity, raising money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Saturday Night Live is always up for a good parody, and silly Taylor Swift covers have been all over the show recently. Woody Harrelson was joined a few weeks ago on the show by Hunger Games costars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth for a take on "Blank Space."

The SNL cast also spoofed everyone's unexplainable infatuation with the "Shake It Off" singer in a sketch for "Swiftamine," a medication that helps counteract the vertigo people experience after realizing they love T. Swift.