March 20, 2019 / 1:58 AM

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'U Guessed It' Rapper OG Maco Says Beyoncé Copied His Concept For Her '7/11' Video



OG Maco garnished much attention for himself following the release of his Internet hit "U Guessed It." The track features the Atlanta rhymer screaming and the rambunctious video accompanies the song perfectly. Last week, Beyoncé released a video for her new song "7/11" and Maco claims Yoncé copied his concept.

As noted by HipHopDX, Maco took to Twitter to put the "Drunk In Love" singer on blast and address his critics.

"Beyoncé takes my video concept? Yall act like I'm 'irrelevant' and it didn't happen. 12 million views of irrelevant. Sure," he tweeted.

During the video for OG Maco's single "U Guessed It," the rapper and his crew can be seen wildly running through a hotel, which he now claims Beyoncé is imitating in her video for "7/11" off her Beyoncé Platinum Edition album. The Atlanta native followed up with another tweet admitting that he had never actually seen the Beyoncé video. "In all honesty I never even watched the video It's just really fun to f--k with cult members. They will lie and die for the deity," Maco wrote.

He also poked fun at Beyonce fans for their diehard loyalty to the singer. "The funniest s--t is Bey stance trying to prove how their God doesn't know me to make me feel bad but not realizing she'll NEVER know them."

Last month, OG Maco stopped by Hot 97 to explain the recording process for "U Guessed It" and smacking his engineer.

As previously reported by Vibe, Maco made his New York City radio debut on Ebro in the Morning to discuss his breakout release.

During the interview, Maco revealed that his frustrations toward his engineer sparked the concept behind "U Guessed It," which can be categorized as a freestyle.

"It was almost like a freestyle because I had never said, 'b---h you guessed it' up to that point," Maco explained to Ebro.

When asked who he was referencing on the track, Maco responded, "b---h n----s." He said the song is calling out anyone who is simply following trends as opposed to being original - hence the meaning behind the name of his OGG crew. He said the acronym stands for "Originality Gains Greatness."

Check out the music videos for OG Maco's "U Guessed It" and Beyonce's "7/11" below.

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