Lorde is currently hard at work (we hope) on her new album, but today (December 10) the 18-year-old Kiwi pop star shared a clip of a song through her Tumblr that she probably won't be releasing officially any time soon. The song, titled "Lost Boys," was written and recorded in 2013 for her debut album Pure Heroine, but was ultimately cut from the album because "it was not a good song," at least according to Lorde.

"[F]ound this little guy whilst trawling through my archives and thought it would be a cute thing to share with y'all," the singer posted to her Tumblr alongside the clip of the song. "[W]e wrote this ... in about march of last year, we spent a day on it and then never touched it again (it was not a good song, i promise, haha)."

Despite not caring for the song as a whole, Lorde does admit, "there was something about these bridge melodies i thought were pretty," so perhaps we'll be hearing elements of this song in a different form on her next album.

The brief clip of "Lost Boys" was apparently recorded off of some speakers onto her iPhone, as she apologizes for its "s--tty iphone quality." You can check out the clip of the song right here and hear for yourself if it should have been cut:

There's still no word yet as to the title or release date of Lorde's next album. Her most recent project was curating the soundtrack to the recent Hunger Games movie, which features songs by Chvrches, Tove Lo, Major Lazer, Bat For Lashes, Charli XCX, and more. One of Lorde's contributions to the soundtrack, "Yellow Flicker Beat," was released as a single back in September.

What do you think of Lorde's "Lost Boys"? Do you think she should have left it off of her album? Let us know down in the comments section below!