It sounds like investigators who are trying to piece together that deadly car crash that Bruce Jenner was involved in nearly two weeks ago were just handed a big piece to their puzzle. A Mendocino Transit Authority bus on the opposite side of the highway actually captured video footage of the entire crash. If what we are hearing ends up being true, then it looks like Jenner might have been following the Lexus in front of him too closely. He may face manslaughter charges if the new video is accurate.

According to an exclusive report by TMZ, "The MTA video is critical ... because Bruce -- and not the Lexus driver who died -- hit the Prius, it makes a more compelling case that he was following too close, which opens the door to a possible vehicular manslaughter prosecution," said the source.

Up until now, Jenner seems to have blamed the woman directly in front of him driving the Lexus. While he has expressed upset at her untimely death, he has yet to claim any responsibility for any part of the crash.

If this video shows that he was following too closely, then Jenner could easily find himself facing an involuntary manslaughter charge and potential jail time. It is no wonder that with all this hanging over him Jenner has decided to slow down on moving forward with the final stages of his transformation. The Olympic champion may not consent to anymore procedures right now, but he is still getting ready to share all the details of his life in a new docuseries being filmed for E!

Readers: What do you make of the situation? Do you think Jenner will realistically face criminal charges? Do you think he is at fault, either in while or in part? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.