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Is Kris Jenner Lying About Not Being Contacted by ABC for Bruce Jenner Interview?

Off-Key 17:01PM EDT

Is there anyone out there that hasn't seen at least a portion of Bruce Jenner's exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer that aired last Friday night on ABC? Even if you didn't actually make time to watch the entire two hour special, you have no doubt seen clips of it somewhere by now. It was in that interview that Jenner confirmed that all of the speculation about his gender issues are justified and that he is for all intents and purposes, a woman that has spent 60-plus years in the wrong body. When the network turned to all three of Jenner's ex-wives for comments, only Kris declined to speak on the record, according to ABC.READ MORE

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Bruce Jenner's Sex Change Scheduled as New Promo for Diane Sawyer Interview Drops

Off-Key 13:25PM EDT

According to Bruce Jenner, everything in his life up until this point has helped to prepare him for what comes next and that would be completing his transition into a woman's body. A second promo clip for Jenner's exclusive two-hour interview with Diane Sawyer has been released and in it the Olympic champion seems to be ready for his radical lifestyle change. The interview is scheduled to air on April 24, a few weeks ahead of Jenner's gender reassignment surgery.READ MORE

Bruce and Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner Believes That Bruce Jenner's Transition Is To Spite Her

Off-Key 12:53PM EDT

Not only has it been finally confirmed that Bruce Jenner's 2-hour interview with Diane Sawyer will air on April 24, but a promo has also been released for the exclusive chat. While the whole clip is done in silhouette, it's pretty clear that Jenner's transformation into a woman will be visibly apparent and no one is less happy with this situation than his ex, Kris Jenner. It has been reported that rather than believing that the man that she spent two decades with really wants to live his life as a woman, Kris thinks this is all happening just to spite and embarrass her.READ MORE

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Bruce Jenner May Face Manslaughter Charges if New Video Is Accurate

Off-Key 15:32PM EDT

It sounds like investigators who are trying to piece together that deadly car crash that Bruce Jenner was involved in nearly two weeks ago were just handed a big piece to their puzzle. A Mendocino Transit Authority bus on the opposite side of the highway actually captured video footage of the entire crash. If what we are hearing ends up being true, then it looks like Jenner might have been following the Lexus in front of him too closely. He may face manslaughter charges if the new video is accurate.READ MORE

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Bruce Jenner Is Refusing to Allow His Ex to Be a Part of His New Docuseries

Off-Key 12:16PM EDT

After more than two decades of marriage, Bruce Jenner was finally recently able to take a deep sigh of relief because he is no longer under Kris Jenner's thumb. While she may still control the family business, she has virtually no say in how her ex is now handling his personal life, and it is a development that she no doubt hates -- especially since Bruce and his upcoming docuseries has been grabbing headlines for weeks now, according to TMZ.. Kris may not want to actually deal with the reality of his transformation, but she certainly wants to be a part of his new show, and that is creating a bit of a problem. He is refusing to allow his ex to be a part of the show.READ MORE

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Bruce Jenner's Transition Is on Hold for Now While He Deals With Fallout From Fatal Crash

Off-Key 10:32AM EDT

This time last week the media was going crazy over the anticipation of Bruce Jenner's transition. It has slowly but surely been happening in front of our eyes for the last year, but with confirmation that he is indeed embracing life as a woman, it suddenly seemed more real. The writing was clearly on the wall once Jenner had a laryngeal shave done last spring, but still there were many doubters who still thought it might all just be wild rumors. Now, thanks to that deadly crash on the Pacific Coast Highway last weekend and its fallout, Jenner's whole life has been turned upside down and his transformation is reportedly on hold.READ MORE

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Kim Kardashian on the 'Outs' With Family for Daring to Speak Publicly About Bruce Jenner

Off-Key 17:10PM EDT

Kim Kardashian was the first family member to weigh in on Bruce Jenner's transformation, and just even acknowledging that her step-father is on some sort of "journey" has gotten her in trouble with both sides of the Kardashian and Jenner families. While she insists she was trying to publicly support Jenner and that is why she said anything at all, even her family is not buying it. Instead, they believe Kardashian knew her comments would grab more publicity for her and, furthermore, Jenner wants to deal with things on his own when ready. She is on the "outs" with her family for daring to speak publicly about Jenner.READ MORE

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The Transgender Community Questions Bruce Jenner's Real Motives

Off-Key 13:22PM EDT

While Bruce Jenner's transformation into a women has been a year in the making it still has shocked some of his most loyal fans. It was one thing to hear all of the rumors and innuendo about Jenner's lifestyle, but totally different to have it all actually confirmed. Some how then the sex change topic became a serious dialog, one that the reality star thinks will be best handled if he does it himself, via a docuseries. Not everyone thinks that Jenner is going about things the right way though.READ MORE

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The Kardashians Cancel All PR Ahead of Season 10 of 'KUWTK'

Off-Key 10:38AM EDT

Well, this is truly a first. Absolutely no one from either the Kardashians or the Jenners will be doing any PR at all ahead of the premiere of Season 10 of KUWTK. They know that pretty much all questions asked would revolve around Bruce Jenner and his transformation, and the family claims they are leaving that kind of conversation to him. Plus, they would rather everyone tune in for the big reveal on their reality show and, let's face it, we probably all will.READ MORE

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Bruce Jenner's Mother Supports His Transformation as He Agrees to Exclusive Interview With Diane Sawyer

Off-Key 12:19PM EDT

You better believe that the brass at NBC was none too happy to learn that ABC News had snuck in and scooped up an exclusive interview with Bruce Jenner. As it turns out, he has chosen to discuss his life-changing transformation with Diane Sawyer rather than anyone else, and it has ruffled a few feathers because NBCUniversal owns the network that features "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." Also, his mother supports his transformation.READ MORE

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Bruce Jenner Is Already Living His Life as a Woman, But Is the Family Really That Supportive?

Off-Key 17:19PM EDT

What a difference one week can make. In the last several days, we have gone from rumors and cruel jokes about Bruce Jenner to learning for a fact that he is transforming himself into a woman and will continue to date women. Not just that, but E! is filming his transformation so it can air as a reality series early this summer. The Olympic champion began the process more than a year ago and is expected to undergo gender reassignment surgery in the next few months. In the meantime, he is already reportedly living as a woman in Malibu, but is his family really that supportive?READ MORE

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Kim Kardashian Supports Bruce Jenner's Sex-Change 'Journey'

Off-Key 10:15AM EDT

Slowly but surely, the Kardashian family seems to be coming to terms with the changes Bruce Jenner has been making. His physical transformation has grabbed plenty of headlines, according to Radar Online, and photos of the Olympic champion in the last year have led many to speculate that he is going through a sex change. Jenner has stayed silent and not responded to any of the rumors, but Kim Kardashian has finally stepped up to the plate to comment about his new journey, saying that she supports him.READ MORE

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