June 24, 2018 / 5:30 PM

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Scott Weiland Talks Stone Temple Pilots Split: Singer Blames Dismissal on Management



Scott Weiland recently shed some more light on how his 2013 split from Stone Temple Pilots went down. The singer blames his departure on the management of his former bandmates, who now perform and record with Linkin Park's Chester Bennington. Weiland called the break "a shame" in a new interview with the QMI Agency (via Blabbermouth).

"It's just a shame how it happened," he explained. "I said I needed six months off. I felt we needed six months off in order to do a 20th-year-anniversary tour and that 20th-anniversary tour didn't end up happening and I said, 'Okay, then we need to make a new record because we can't go on just playing the greatest-hits set. It's not going to work. We're losing fanbase. Our guarantees are starting to go down.' So I assumed we were all on the same page when we left tour and it turned out not so and they got different management and things just soured."

The singer went on, saying that he's known the other members of the band since he was a teenager. However, those bonds weren't strong enough when business discussions started.

"Crazy things happen, especially when you end up getting different management," he added. "People see things one way and a lot of times how things are portrayed to the band members are through the goggles of the management and filtered through that and that's what you end up hearing."

Following Weiland's dismissal, the group recruited Bennington and released an EP titled High Rise. They had been touring and making music as "Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington," but after settling some legal matters, the group was able to drop the "with Chester Bennington" part.

On the flip side, Weiland appears to be enjoying life as a solo artist once again. The singer will release Blaster tomorrow, March 31, with his band, The Wildabouts.

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