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Review: Lily Allen drifts away from her problems on poppy new song 'Air Balloon' [LISTEN]



Lily Allen is continuing to gear up for her return to music. After dropping her patriarchy challenging single "Hard Out Here" in November, the British pop darling has now dropped a second track from her yet-to-be titled third studio album. Today (Jan. 13), Allen released the fittingly light song "Air Balloon" on her official YouTube page.

As one could guess from the title "Air Balloon," the new song takes a slight departure from the EDM-infused, fiercely feminist track "Hard Out Here" and instead opts for something a bit, well, more airy.

Though Allen described the song as "annoying" on her Twitter, "Air Balloon" is more like a peppy, harmless song reminiscent of something from her stellar debut album Alright, Still.

The almost childlike music bops along, as a slightly vocally distilled Allen happily sings about wandering through Timbuktu, meeting Kurt Cobain in the sky and shaking your booty.

Lily Allen is the master of hiding a bigger message among some disturbingly accessible pop music, and she does it once again on this song. "Air Balloon" is inherently an escapist's anthem, glamorizing getting away from detractors and living your life the way you want, all while shaking your groove than and singing as loudly as humanly possible.

"Come meet me in the sky, I'll be waiting for you / And we can't hear what they say / In my air balloon," she sings in the song's carefree chorus. Is it as serious as "Hard Out Here?" No. But, "Air Balloon" further pushes along the life theme of doing your own thing, and that's totally something worth celebrating.

Listen to Allen's "Air Balloon" below:

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