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5 Music Stars Who Found Their Personal Phone Numbers on The Internet: Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Chief Keef and More


Katy Perry didn't full think through her actions when she took a photo of her beloved dog, Butters, and posted it to Instagram. The snapshot, accompanied by a caption referencing Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" single, was clear enough that the viewer could read the phone number written upon the pooch's collar. Many a kindhearted fan tried to warn her but the damage was done. Regardless of whether the digits took you to Perry's personal phone or that of one of her assistants, it was inviting thousands of calls from both diehard fans and trolls, and the performer quickly had it deactivated.

Although the snafu must have made Perry's life at least a little more difficult, at least she can take ease in knowing that the fault was her own, and that a tech-savvy troll was not attempting to wreck her life by accessing her personal information. The other four performers listed below can't say the same thing.

Iggy Azalea

Yes, to answer your question, celebrity musicians still like to order in sometimes. Rapper Iggy Azalea was a fan of Papa John's in particular before an ugly 2014 incident. The emcee had ordered a cheese pizza and got a whole lot more. As in, thousands of messages to her personal phone from fans and otherwise. It turns out that the delivery worker who had brought the pie to Azalea's home thought he was being nice when he also delivered the number from the order to his sister, a fan of the performer. And, as when you tell teenage girls anything, the message didn't remain private, apparently spreading like wildfire and leading to boatloads of texts and calls. The original violator sent an adorable "u r my idol" message...while also explaining exactly how she came upon the number. Papa John's gave "appropriate disciplinary action" to the driver for violating the privacy of its customer, without actually clarifying what that punishment was.

Soulja Boy/Chief Keef

Cell phones have made hip-hop beefs a little more anticlimactic, for better or for worse. We have to assume that Chief Keef and Soulja Boy were buddy-buddy at some point, as odd as that seems, as both had each other's cell phones. One thing led to another however, and Keef's homeboy Ballout had stolen Soulja's chain, leading the "Tell 'Em" rapper to both threaten Keef's life, as well as posting the Chicago rapper's cellphone number to Facebook so that his fans could threaten Keef's life accordingly. Considering the two parties we're dealing with, this seems like a bad career move on Soulja's part. Fortunately for him, Keef was in London while the events were taking place, leading Keef to respond in kind and post his frenemy's number on Twitter. Soulja Boy claimed later his Facebook had been hacked, but that doesn't explain how the hacker got the number.

Miley Cyrus

Many a headline was made during 2014 when hackers, supposedly from North Korea, hacked Sony's networks as retaliation for the film The Interview. Among the information leaked were social security numbers, phone numbers and personal e-mail from upward of 40,000 employees. Not many celebrities lost their personal phone number however (although Brad Pitt was an exception). It wasn't the first time such a thing had happened however: A group named "Hollywood Leaks," which claimed to be affiliated with notorious hacking group Anonymous, went for the pop culture effect and sent out the phone numbers of actress Ashley Greene, racer Helio Castroneves and Miley Cyrus during 2011. This was before the pop star had gotten as bad as she wanted to be, so there wasn't any NSFW material hitting the web, but rapper Kreyshawn wasn't as lucky. A few nude shots of the performer were put online. That drew even more controversy when the victim claimed she was a minor in the photos, while Hollywood Leaks claimed she was 20. So...how do you know how old she is in the images bro?

Nelly…and other victims of Kat Stacks
Nelly had his cell phone number leaked to the world during 2010 by Kat Stacks, a woman who claimed to have had an affair with the rapper around that time. The emcee had denied the claim, noting how Stacks had read the details of their alleged affair off a piece of paper during the interview. He also called into a radio interview she was giving and asked her to list when and where the affair took place (and she couldn't). She also has claimed to have had liaisons with Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne and other emcees, and has also releases phone numbers for Maino and other members of the Young Money Cash Money Billionaires. Where she gets the numbers is anyone's guess. Footage suggests that Stacks might have other problems besides being an attention wh*re, based on the footage of her drunken rant posted by Lil Wayne. Unfortunately, her biography is a sad one. As a child and immigrant from Venezuela, real name Andrea Herrera was sexually victimized and forced into prostitution at an early age, which gives sad context to how she came to be famous in rap circles.

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