One Direction fans really, really want the boy band to part ways with their management. Today (April 10), after rumors surfaced on Twitter that the "Night Changes" band had parted ways with the controversial Modest Management, Directioners flooded to the company's website in droves, effectively crashing its server.

It all started with the Twitter topic #1DisFinallyFreeFromModest, which topped the worldwide Twitter trends with declarations that One Direction and Modest had simultaneously removed each other from their websites.

The fandom quickly celebrated the unconfirmed news the best way they know how, by hashtags, memes and double checking the news, causing to crash with a 403 code.

Why would boy band fans care about a management company? According to 1D fans, Modest Management is to blame for an array of problems in the boys' personal lives. Fans accuse Modest of everything from suppressing the boys' sexualities (mostly, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles, a.k.a. "Larry") to their overworked schedules to Zayn Malik leaving 1D.

They've even gone as far as trying to buy One Direction out of its contract, according to BBC Radio 1, but have come very short of their $500 million goal.

But, have One Direction actually parted with Modest Management? Now Magazine reports the answer is no.

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