July 22, 2018 / 6:42 AM

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Amber Rose Disses Kanye West—Claims Travi$ Scott Writes His Raps



Celebrity, model and Instagram powerhouse, Amber Rose decided to get herself back in the news recently when she made a rather bold statement about Kanye West and his artistic integrity. At an appearance at Supper Club in Los Angeles, Rose got fed up with the DJs song choices and called him out for playing some music from her ex-boyfriend, West. She says that they might as well play some Travi$ Scott because Scott writes Kanye's songs according to Amber.

"Stop playing n*ggas I used to f*ck, stop, stop," argues Rose. "Why don't we play the n*gga who writes his songs for the other n*ggaa: Travi$ Scott. Let's go. He writes his songs for the other n*gga, let's go."

Towards the end of the video, she hands the mix back to the host who addresses Scott behind the both of them. He seemed as confused as the rest of the crowd. Watch the video below via Complex.

The idea that Kanye writes all of his songs alone had set sail a long time ago. One of his closest friends in the industry is Mike Dean, one of the more prolific hip-hop and pop writers in the industry. "All Day" had 21 different producers and writers on it and going back on his various albums, the numbers are not all that different.

This amount of people credited isn't so far-fetched when everyone who is the room from the guitarist, to the drum programmer to the engineer and a manager with an idea for a rhyme will get credit.

CyHi The Prince explained the process for making "All Day" in an interview with Revolt and why so many people are on it.

"You know when you look at Whitney Houston albums, Michael Jackson albums, you look at their credits?," CyHi told Revolt. "Everybody gets credit. The programmers, the brainstormers, the dude who tightens the strings on the guitar... Everybody gets credit when you doing monumental music." 

Prince asserts later on, "it's a think tank and that's what we're trying to get people to understand, that's why we involve everybody." 

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