June 24, 2018 / 6:38 AM

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Tomorrowland may need to cancel second weekend as Belgium town brings legal action, Lineup on verge of release


One of the world's biggest electronic music events, Tomorrowland, may have to either turn it down or tone it down. Residents of Schorre, Boom, Belgium (a perfect town for an EDM festival, for what it's worth) are putting their feet down amidst plans to host a second weekend of dance shenanigans during 2004. 

Complaints about the festival are nothing new. Residents in the area claim noise issues, drug usage and crowding among the complaints against Tomorrowland. The announcement from Dutch entertainment company ID&T that the festival would be recreated for a second weekend to celebrate Tomorrowland's tenth anniversary was apparently a step to far. The petitioners are using legal means to prevent the second weekend from occurring, and possibly even to tone down the first. 

The lawyers representing Schorre, Boom has claimed that ID&T doesn't have the proper permits to host a second weekend, and that the current legal schedule won't give them enough time to get one. Tomorrowland is scheduled for the weekends of July 18-20 and July 25-27. 

The previous three years of festivals have brought more than 180,000 fans to the region, so it's understandable that sort of crowd might make things tense if doubled. However, Tomorrowland has established itself as one of of the world's biggest EDM festivals, with stages and sets as elaborate and eye-catching as any. 

Tickets haven't gone on sale yet, so if the festival is forced to scale back, no one has lost anything yet. However the first acts from the festival are scheduled to be announced Wednesday so tickets should be going on sale soon. 

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