The over-the-top nature of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's life together has climbed to another level once again as news broke that the power couple will be shutting down Disneyland as part of the second birthday party for child North West. If you were looking to head to the Magic Kingdom Park in Anaheim on June 15, better change plans and head to California Adventure instead, because the resort's premiere theme park will be closed to those not invited.

We can only hypothesize as to how much this is costing West and Kardashian. Forbes lists that Disneyland Paris pays its employees more than $784.9 million a-year so, using that as a potential frame of reference, we can make a stab that Disneyland in Anaheim pays around $2.15 million a day for its employees, plus the mechanical costs of operating all the rides, and that's just to break even. And if we know anything about the Disney, it ain't doing this just to break even. They plan on drawing a profit. Again, according to Forbes, Disney made around $15 billion in profit from its 11 theme parks during 2014. Using very hypothetical math, if we spread that total evenly across all parks, the company draws around $3.74 million in profits from the Magic Kingdom every day. Add that all up and it's safe to assume that West will be paying nearly $6 million for use of the park.

North's first birthday party was a bonanza as well, albeit not quite on this level. It featured a ferris wheel and karaoke stage, and was appropriately named "Kidchella" after the music festival that it was designed around.

Better keep bringing in those checks Kanye...pretty soon you're going to have two birthday parties to pay for.