It was a big morning for One Direction and the band's dedicated fan base, as they took on Good Morning America. Ahead of their On the Road Again Tour stop in New Jersey tomorrow (Aug. 5), 1D took to the ABC morning show to open up about their new album, impending fatherhood for Louis Tomlinson and, of course, to give their new single "Drag Me Down" its big live TV debut.

In speaking to GMA ahead of their three-song setlist, for the first time Tomlinson confirmed that he is going to be a father. "Obviously, it's a very exciting time," he said, smiling and remaining coy about the upcoming baby news.

But it wasn't all just about the personal lives, One Direction were also on hand to talk about their "eclectic" new album (which takes inspiration from The Police), their major arena tour and their surprise new single "Drag Me Down."

"I think we just kind of wanted to drop it out of nowhere, I think," Harry Styles said. "Usually we do kind of a big run-up to it, and this time we thought it would be fun to just kind of drop it, and it was fun." Meanwhile, Niall Horan pointed out that while it was released at midnight New York City time, that it was the middle of the day somewhere.

One Direction wasn't just there to talk about their new single "Drag Me Down," they were also there to give the single its live national television debut. The song, which was destined to be an arena anthem upon its debut, has already reached that status in just five days. As the boys slayed the song live, with Harry Styles adding plenty of vocal decorum, the Directioners in the park sang along to every single word, almost matching 1D in volume.

And while "Drag Me Down" was a major musical highlight of the morning, it wasn't the only single 1D performed in Central Park. The boys also took on their classic smash hits "Steal My Girl" and "Night Changes" from their last album FOUR.

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