June 24, 2018 / 5:10 AM

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Chief Keef will release 'Bang 4' before 'Bang 3'


The saga of Chief Keef continues. The rapper took to Twitter on Wednesday to inform the world that he'll be dropping another EP before his next album, Bang 3, comes out. 

The details get tricky because Keef will still name the new EP Bang 4. This might confuse some listeners and fans, who are used to the whole three-coming-before-four thing. Shouldn't, theoretically at least, Keef change the name of the album to Bang 4 in order to allow the previously released EP be named Bang 3

The problem lies in that Keef has already hyped up the Bang 3 album so much. This is the record that the rapper claimed would raise the murder rates in his home city of Chicago, which is either meant to indicate his talent as a rapper or his unrivaled skills at peer pressuring. If he were to swap titles so that his new EP is called Bang 3, fans would be disappointed at just how little it induces them to commit murder, and the they wouldn't buy the album later. 

Keef has found a solution: The full title for the new EP will be B4 Da EP Bfo B3 (sic), a title that's rivaled only by Sharknado 2: The Second One for chronological descriptiveness. Keef acknowledges that he's releasing these things out of order, but he also explains to fans that the headlining Bang is still in the works. 

Music Times writer Jon "Union Jack" Niles threw out another option, which would've been to name the EP Bang 2.5, but that involves math. And logic. 

Special kudos to Keef for releasing an EP with a title so verbally nonsensical that the rapper himself actually made it more correct when he made a mistake typing the title on Twitter: "Bang4 The EP Bfo B3." 

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