June 26, 2019 / 2:55 PM

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Pamela Anderson Finds Homeless Woman in her Home Wearing Infamous 'Baywatch' Red Bathing Suit



It's a scary feeling to walk into your home and sense that someone had been there without your knowledge or consent. Some may call it paranoia but for former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, it became her reality back in 2001, when she found a homeless woman who had broken into her home wearing her infamous red one-piece bathing suit from the '90s hit TV series.

Anderson, who recently appeared nude on the cover of Flaunt, revealed a very frightening story to the magazine involving a homeless woman who had broken into the 48-year-olds home and decided to put on some of her clothing while she was there. Us Weekly reported that prior to the intruder being caught, Anderson thought she was going crazy after noticing several items and clothing were beginning to disappear over a period of time. "Things kept going missing,"Anderson recalled. "Where's that loaf of bread? Where's my jean jacket? And I'd be like, 'Am I going crazy'?"

The mother of two sons Brandon, 19, and Dylan, 17, was home alone with the two boys, who were only babies at the time, when the woman was found. The mother of the two explained how the homeless intruder was in her home for close to three or four days before she was found in her guest house, wearing her Baywatch bathing suit and slicing her wrist.

"isn't it the scariest thing you can think of," she says of the incident. "You walk up to a dark window and you're like [gasps]!" The homeless woman, who may have been suffering from a mental illness, not only hung around the Anderson home for multiple days, she also left a disturbing letter for Anderson which read, 'I'm not a lesbian, I just want to touch you.'"

The woman was ultimately arrested while wearing Anderson's bathing suit. She explained how the police asked her if she wanted her property (the bathing suit) returned, her response - 'No, no you can keep it.'"

It's great to see that the scary 2001 run in with this homeless intruder did not deter Anderson to continue on in her life and her career. At 48 years old, she remains on most lists of sexy, fit celebrities over 40 in a bathing suit. NY Daily News featured the Baywatch star in their Fit & Fab Celebs Over 40 photo gallery citing, "t's been years since she starred in Baywatch, but Pamela Anderson can still turn heads."

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