Selena Gomez is releasing her new album Revival next week (Oct. 9) and the follow-up to her first solo album Stars Dance is looking to be a diverse one. On Friday (Oct. 2), the "Good for You" singer rolled out an old school dance track, "Me & The Rhythm."

"Me & the Rhythm" is the most straightforward dance track from Revival, which thus far has been led by the sultry single "Good for You" and the sassy Charli XCX penned track "Same Old Love." Bringing in an infusion of disco though mixed with the same deep house beats that highlight "Good for You," "Me & the Rhythm" just begs to be played at the next club night.

Musically, "Me & the Rhythm" plays into the idea of letting go and giving yourself away to dance. With heightened and whispered vocals, Gomez is all about how all she needs is love and music.

"And everybody wants to be touched / Everybody wants to get some / But don't you play a song about love / When I move my body / I don't have to talk about none / Let the chemicals do its stuff / 'Til the energy is too much," she sings leading up to the chorus, with a sense of drippy sexuality.

"Me & the Rhythm" is the latest song to be rolled out from Gomez's new album Revival, which is due to be released on Friday, Oct. 9. Revival is Gomez's second solo album without her backing band The Scene and her first LP on Interscope Records.

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